Spiral Sand Washing Machine

Spiral Sand Washing Machine

Product description:

Spiral sand washing machine Introduction:

Spiral sand washing machine with roughly the same shape spiral classifier, spiral sand washing machine of the precipitation zone than the big volume spiral classifier, spiral auger high speed, easy to clean and high sand washing.

Spiral Sand Washing Machine Suitable for sand, sand, mountain sand, quartz sand, foundry sand, oil sand backfill washing equipment and other materials. Spiral sand washing machine is widely used in gravel factory, glass factory, concentrator, mixing station.

Spiral sand washing machine is washed with water and sand, can be above the powder sand, impurities, washing mud, etc., thereby improving the quality of sand.

Spiral Sand Washing Machine Is disposed in the lower tank formation inclined sedimentation tanks, sedimentation tanks into spiral head no, screw by the motor via gear reducer drive screw auger rotation, by the sedimentation tank to the bottom of the wash water, the powder can be cleaned sand, dirt, impurities and the like, thereby completing the cleaning.

Spiral sand washing machine maintenance Note:

1. As the machine according to the big twist, it is recommended that the machine is mounted on a concrete foundation, based on the security welded, base depth according to soil conditions and the area of ​​embedded weldment when calculated separately for installation, we recommend a basis weight of approximately weight of the machine 3 times, machine installation dimensions refer to base map.
2. Once in place, you should check whether the shift gear reducer size, water tanks and large bucket wheel gap is consistent after adjusting the welding machine is fixed on the basis of.
3. It should be filled with oil and adjust the oil level, generally the axial center of below 50% is appropriate.

Spiral sand washing machine advantages:

Jinyang Spiral Sand Washing Machine Reasonable structure, easy maintenance, large capacity, small power consumption, clean and high. Sand Washing Machine Seal structure, fully enclosed oil bath gear, adjustable overflow weir plate, to ensure that the series efficient, durable, clean, good dehydration effect, fine-grained product remains chaotic and so on.

Single spiral sand washing machine Suitable for washing, grading and cleaning, and in metallurgy, construction, water and electricity industries and other operations, is suitable for washing and selection of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials.

Spiral sand washing machine works:

Material from the machine speed rotation of the upper vertical fall within the spiral sand washing machine impeller, the centrifugal force of the material in the mutual impact grinding, remove cover gravel surface impurities, while adding water, promptly small proportion of impurities and foreign matter with go and wash tank from the overflow outlet, gravel taken away by the blades from rotating impeller into the discharge chute sand complete the job.

Trough spiral sand washing machine technical parameters:

model Screw diameter * Length (mm) Tank width * length (mm) Screw speed (r / min) Feed size (mm) Production (t / h) Power (kW) Weight (tons)
CX-500 500*4500 600*7000 20-26 ≤10 15-20 3 1.8
CX-750 750*6500 980*8000 18-20 ≤10 30-40 5.5 3.2
CX-1000 1000*7000 1160*8500 16-18 ≤10 60-80 7.5 5.6
CX-1200 1200*7000 1380*8500 16-18 ≤10 80-120 11 6.8
CX-1500 1500*7000 1670*8500 11-13 ≤10 100-160 15 9.5
CX-2000 2000*7000 2320*9000 6-8 ≤10 150-300 22 16.5

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