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Stone washing machine

Stone washing machine
  • Stone washing machine
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Roller stone washing machine Introduction:

Roller stone washing machine is the latest product developed Jinyang Machinery, innovation Stone washing machine Equipment is redesigned, manufacturing, laboratory in the traditional stone washing equipment, based on the successful development of a new generation of an energy-saving, high efficiency, low maintenance and practical product. Equipment has been devoted to the use of national key projects, has been engineering highly recognized construction units! We can customize a variety of stone washing machine according to user needs.

Stone washing machine drum main features:

1, overall height: In addition to the finished material stacker belt conveyor, all systems are integrated within an overall framework, both to ensure the integrity of the equipment and leave appropriate space for maintenance and inspections overall height for easy storage of the construction site. or transitions transportation, convenient and secure.
2, for reliability: its core stone washing system uses a mixer mixing principle, the raw material in the cylinder by a continuous spiral stirring blade rolling, pushing and material mutual friction effect, the role of a strong natural high reliability.
3, stone washing machine is China Railway Bureau, China Construction Bureau developed a new stone washing device that role with respect to the spiral stone washing machine, has a large output, low noise operation, maintenance more convenient advantages.

Roller stone washing machine use:

Stone washing machine drum Please check all parts before starting the tightness of the bolts, the boot sequence should be out-feed conveyor, and then open the device host, and finally open the feed conveyor.

Roller stone washing machine works:

Stone washing machine drum Cleaning the cylinder is supported four tugs, motor driven reducer, the size of the gear drive cleaning cylinder low speed rotation. Aggregates containing mud pie and powder from the inlet to the inside into the rotation of the drum, the drum is mounted inside to be cleaned Wear rubber lining angled constantly brought up Paola, from the feed end to the discharge end of the process of moving many cycles, and forward or reverse flushing water will wash rinse, clean aggregate after discharge After the end of the barrel sieve dehydration discharged waste water containing sludge through the feed or feed end of the perforated roller shutter out of stone washing machine.

Roller stone washing machine main technical parameters:

specification 1542 1842 2042 2242 3264
Barrel diameter (mm) 1500 1800 2000 2200 3200
Barrel length (mm) 4200 4200 4200 4200 6400
Screw speed (r / min) 10-13 10-12 9-11 8.3-10.5 4.3-6.5
Feed size (mm) 60 80 110 150 250
Yield (m3 / h) 40-80 60-100 100-150 150-200 200-350
Supporting the motor (kw) 15 18.5 22 30 55
Weight (t) About 4.5 5.7 About 7.4 About 8.5 12.3
Dimensions Length (m) 6.85 7.1 7.4 7.6 8.6
Width (m) 1.75 2.1 2.5 2.67 4.35
Height (m) 1.8 2.6 2.9 3.15 4.98

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