Leavened spiral groove

Leavened spiral groove

Product description:

Leavened spiral groove profile:

FRP rotating spiral groove is a combination of leavened spiral concentrator, leavened characteristic spiral grooves, shaking, centrifugal concentrator, Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery Co., Science and Technology have developed into a new type of national initiative leavened spiral groove equipment, mining, mineral processing the best equipment, in particular, waterfront, river, sand beaches, the river channel sands mining is more ideal.

Leavened spiral groove Scope:

Leavened spiral groove suitable 0.3-0.02 mm particle size for sorting fines iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, phosphorus ore B, tungsten ore, tin, tantalum, niobium ore and other nonferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic mineral having specific gravity differences. Jinyang spiral groove has leavened the sorting process is stable, easy to control, to allow a wide range of mineral concentrations vary, enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, covering small size, water consumption, simple structure, strong stability characteristics.

Leavened spiral groove working methods:

Seiko developed Jinyang Leavened spiral groove The spiral groove leavened erected, calibration vertical line, or wood with a metal frame fixed in place by sand pump the ore sent to the screw at the top two feed ports, adding additional water to adjust the concentration of mineral paddle, paddle mine Natural swirl down from the high to produce a centrifugal force of inertia in the rotation velocity of the slope to the proportion of ore, particle size, shape differences, and, by the action of gravity and centrifugal force of the cyclone will separate ore and sand, fine ore concentrate inflow pipe connected to the bucket, the tailings flow into the tailings pond sand bucket pipe received, then sand pump to drain away, to complete the whole process of dressing.

Leavened spiral groove works:

Leavened spiral groove sub-ore is placed freely in the branch table cross (or tripod) on. Homogeneous slurry by means of the spiral groove to the mine shafts slowly to the head-end to the spiral groove surface sorting. Jinyang spiral groove end of the valved block type product interception slot, the product radially sorting by grade into three (or four). by adjusting the position of the valve block to change the width of each product interception product gathering bucket is a concentric annular cylinder, would have been intercepted long ore export streams are brought together. The slope changes in cross-section spiral groove leavened curve is particularly suitable for fine particulate material sorting.

Leavened spiral groove advantages:

Spiral groove leavened products with a reasonable structure, simple installation, small footprint, ease of operation, processing stability, sub-ore clear, large capacity, high efficiency beneficiation enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, running and reliable. With a light weight , moisture, rust, corrosion, fluctuations in the amount of ore and concentration, particle size, grade of adaptability, no noise and other advantages.

Leavened spiral groove structural features:

Jinyang glass steel spiral leavened groove made to the mine uniform splitter; mine shafts; product interception slot;; spiral groove product gathering bucket and slot bracket (including cross or tripod), six parts by a spiral pad coupling into a spiral groove is. The main components spiral piece is made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), bolted together, sorting leavened spiral groove face with a layer of prefabricated wear layer. Jinyang spiral groove leavened with a device with a light, strong, durable advantage. above the spiral groove is provided multi-tube splitter to evenly divide evenly ore mine, easy to control.

Leavened spiral groove installer:

1, first check the quality of glass and steel spiral sheet (especially the quality of the work surface) when installing leavened Jinyang spiral groove, in line with the size and shape when the requirements before assembly.

2, the coupling bolt holes on the flights in advance by the manufacturer with a drilled generally good as there is no processing factory, we need to press the same drilling template to ensure a good interchangeability

3. Bolt the five ring spiral pad coupling into a spiral groove, horizontal, within two adjacent surfaces of the flange joint of a smooth transition prevail, paying particular attention to the coupling surface showings showings of not less than the corresponding surface. radial direction (width direction) from the outer edge alignment prevail, allowed by the outer edge of the backsheet, the purpose of this installation is to prevent the occurrence of ore flow splash when coupling at the seam, smooth putty required.

4, a good five-piece set of the quadriceps (or two, three) spiral grooves spin together into the desired shape of the distribution would have been coupled.

5, the four (three) columns which were respectively mounted on four (or three, two) helical grooves; Bolt the spiral groove Strut; then install the cross (tripod), Jinyang spiral groove leavened the respective head uniformly distributed along a spiral around, and finally spin a good all bolts, after installation, you want to maintain the natural shape of the flights may not have obvious variants.

6, will mine shafts and product interception slots were installed in the spiral groove first end and a trailing end to ensure that the tight coupling of the watertight, if a gap, needed paint seal, groove side to ensure a smooth transition.

7, leavened spiral groove to the mine and the product evenly divided gathering bucket and slot bracket does not join, a free place on the stand, the installation should pay attention to put a positive position according to FIG. Dispensers are aligned with each of the discharge pipe to the appropriate ore groove.

8; spiral groove leavened basis generally do not need fixed; but on the same level in four (three) plane basis, after installation, to check whether the spiral groove vertical axis vertical, you can add shims to adjust the lead in the post below sag. Jinyang spiral groove leavened operating platforms to be set up at the appropriate height, the helical groove leavened pillar and platform to be an appropriate connection.

When a large number of industrial use, should be configured in groups, with the multi-tube unit dosing sub-ore mine, leavened spiral groove to be continuous in a row configuration, in order to save floor space.

Leavened spiral groove technology parameters:

model 5LL-1200 5LL-900 5LL-600 5LL-400
Diameter (mm) 1200 900 600 400
Pitch (mm) 900 ; 720 ; 540 675 ; 540 ; 405 450 ; 360 ; 270 240 , 180
Distance diameter ratio (pitch / diameter) 075 , 0.6 , 0.45 0.75 , 0.6 , 0.45 0.75 , 0.6 , 0.45 0.6 , 0.45
Lateral inclination (degrees)
Each installation screw head up to the number of 4 4 3 2
Feed size (mm) 0.3-. 0.03 0.3-. 0.03 0.2-0.02 0.2-0.02
Ore concentration (%) 25-55 25-55 25-55 25-55
Production capacity (t / h) 4-6 2-3 0.8-1.2 0.15-0.2
Dimensions Length (mm) 1360 1060 700 460
Width (mm) 1360 1060 700 460
Height (mm) 5230 4000 2600 1500
Weight (kg) 600 400 150 50

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