6-S shaker

6-S shaker

Product description:

6-S shaker introduction:

6-S shaker It is used for sorting fine materials gravity separation equipment, widely used in sorting tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium-iron and coal. Jinyang Machinery Production 6-S shaker historic; and continue to develop innovation; developing from basic bed shaker initial straight on to a single bed Qu Bo 6-S shaker; to hyperbolic bed shaker, the processing capacity shaker, recovery and enrichment ratio has greatly improved.

6-S shaker works:

Jinyang 6-S shaker Beneficiation process is multiplexed with a tilt of the strip 6-S shaker Bed surface made, the mineral particles from the bed surface group to mine shafts into the corner, while the lateral flushing water supply to the sink, mineral particles in gravity, lateral flow momentum. 6-S shaker Under the bed for inertia and friction generated by the reciprocating motion of the asymmetric effect, according to the proportion and size stratification, and for longitudinal movement and for lateral movement along the inclined bed along the bed surface. Thus, the proportion and size of different mineral particles The direction of movement along the respective side was gradually from A to B edge sector shed were discharged from different areas of the concentrate and tailings side end, finally is divided into concentrate, middlings and tailings.

Category shaker:

We have produced high-quality 6-S shaker can be classified according to the particle size of the ore processing ore slime shaker and shaker: according to the task of sorting operations can be divided into roughing and selected shaker shaker; according to treatment materials can be divided into dressing shaker Lee PREPARATION shaker; depending on the shape of the bed, you have a double face rectangle, diamond shaker shaker side by side with a trapezoidal configuration to bedside, major shaker cam lever eccentric connecting rod and spring shaker shaker.

6-S shaker structure:

'Jinyang' 6-S shaker mainly by the bed, the bed and rack of three parts.
The bed is an important part of the shaker. Its role is to promote the bed loose and layered mineral particles garnet trench base, and the high density ore bed trench bottom end grain shipped concentrate according to the bedside of the reciprocating motion characteristics in terms of produce, it can be divided into two kinds of asymmetric and symmetric motion movement.

6-S shaker There are a variety of bed shape: commonly used rectangular, trapezoidal and diamond c it generally must have the following properties: structure parameters and reasonable, good dressing performance, adapt to the characteristics and requirements for mining properties, abrasion, corrosion resistance, near water, no distortion, a suitable roughness.
Rack shaker support mechanism consists of two parts and adjusting the slope agencies

6-S shaker structural features:

Jinyang mineral processing equipment (6-S shaker) mainly by the bedside, motor, adjusting the slope, a bed, mine shafts, sinks, and lubrication systems to complex pieces of eight system components. Longitudinal reciprocation bed is through crank rod transmission mechanism to achieve. motor via a belt drive pulley driven by the crankshaft rotation so large rocker along for the upper and lower movement, the downward movement of the joystick, push the rear axle brackets and reciprocating rod is moved backward, the spring is compressed by the bed base and the reciprocating rod linkage connected, so in this case also for the backward movement of the bed surface, when the rocker upward movement, due to the tensile force of the spring, driven forward movement along the bed.

Do not use the mechanism of the election system be sorted shaker minerals difference in specific gravity, differential motion bedside offered, ramps flow and different forms of bed bar group loosely layered mineral particles in the bed surface, selective transport, in bed formed on the surface sector zoning, which outputs different wealth products.

Shaker Scope:

6-S shaker mainly used for sorting in 2-0.02 mm ores and sludge levels of tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, bismuth, lead, gold and other nonferrous metals, rare metals and minerals black, sorting 4-0.02 mm pyrite; change bed strip form after appropriate sorting end of coal and coal slurry; and sorting of other suitable materials having a sufficient proportion of poor mixing and size composition.

Shaker main technical parameters:

Models and Specifications stroke
Red times
(Beats / min)
Feed size
Horizontal bed
The slope (degrees)
(T / Taiwan-Japan)
Motor type Motor Power
Weight (tons) Dimensions
Shaker (paint gray groove bed)
8-36 240-380 0.02-2 0-10 15-108 Y90S-4 1.1 1.25 5600*1825*1560
Shaker (FRP bed)
8-36 240-380 0.02-2 0-10 15-108 Y90S-4 1.1 1.08 5600*1825*1560
YTC shaker
(Coarse and fine sand grooved surface)
8-22 240-360 0.019-2 0-8 50-35 Y100L-6 1.5 1.045 5454*1825*1242
YTC shaker
(Paint gray groove bed)
8-22 240-360 0.019-2 0-8 50-35 Y100L-6 1.5 1.03 5454*1825*1242
YTC shaker
(FRP bed)
8-22 240-360 0.019-2 0-8 50-35 Y100L-6 1.5 1.08
Small shaker
12-28 250-450 0-4 0-8 7.2-19.2 Y90L-6 1.1 0.694 3090*1050*1033

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