Compound Crusher

Compound Crusher

Product description:

Composite crusher introduction:

Jinyang Compound Crusher Is based on a comprehensive advanced crushing equipment on the optimization of the main specifications designed by a non-screen bar, adjustable new crushing, coarse grinding compound crusher products can be widely applied to cement raw meal, cooked material crushing operation, but also can be used for dolomite, flint, lead and zinc, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal, phosphate rock and other medium hardness materials crushing operations, especially for hard limestone, dolomite, granite , basalt and other artificial sand or highway pavement stone processing crushed composite crusher has large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.

Compound crusher works:

Compound Crusher Material from the machine falls within the upper vertical speed rotation of the impeller, the role of the high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella in the form of diversion of materials around the impeller produces high-speed impact and crushing, the material after each impact, will the impeller and between the casing material to form a vortex several times to hit each other, friction and grinding, through discharge from the bottom, forming a closed loop several times, controlled by screening equipment to achieve the desired finished size.

Compound Crusher Features:

1. Simple and reasonable structure, low running costs. Use stone at stone principle, small abrasion.
2. Vertical composite crusher crushing rate, energy saving.
3. With crushing, coarse grinding function.
4. The moisture content of materials subject to little effect, the moisture content of up to about 8%.
5. More work noise below 75 db (db level), less dust pollution.
6. suitable for crushing medium-hard, extra-hard materials.
7. Product into cubes, packing density, iron contamination is minimal.
8. The impeller from the lining wear, easy maintenance

Compound crusher specifications and technical parameters:

Model Specifications
Feeding size (mm) The particle size
Spindle speed
(R / min)
Production capacity
(T / h)
Dimensions (mm) weight
PFL-750 〈100 〈3-560-90% 934 10-20 30~45 2100*1200*1700 4300
PFL-1000 〈120 〈3-560-90% 769 20-40 55 2600*1400*1900 6200
PFL-1250 〈150 〈3-560-90% 530 40-70 90 2800*1600*2100 8500
PFL-1500 〈180 〈3-560-90% 495 50-90 132 3100*1900*2200 13700
PFL-1750 〈200 〈3-560-90% 424 60-110 160 3710*2360*2390 20200
PFL-2000 〈220 〈3-560-90% 370 80-140 200 4100*2660*2620 24500

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