Pop can Crusher

Pop can Crusher

Product description:

Pop can Crusher uses:

Can Crusher Jinyang machinery manufacturing company is one of the most popular product, reference the user's opinion, independent research and development design and utility of products, product listing, customers love it. Pop can crusher is a gold company technicians in production of metal shredder on the basis of the research and development of next-generation products, jinyang machinery manufacturing company is specialized in the research and manufacturing base, the aircraft used for iron powder, alloy, ferrosilicon, bottle caps, tin cans, circuit boards, cell phone batteries and other fragile metals scrap material into pieces. Use: iron, manganese iron powder, Aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferro-silicon powder, metal or metal beverage bottles are crushed.

Pop can Crusher structure Description:

The most sophisticated Can Crusher To is gold mechanical manufacturing company most advanced, the mill used unique of design programme, after improved, has not in using blade and according to fuselage design structure special installation has knife disc and lining Board, not only can put metal tank broken into particles-like, also can put metal tank above of paint grinding off, zhihou after wind machine and set dust device of role put metal material in the of paint and impurities processing clean.

Pop can Crusher features:

1. equipment geared motor drive.
2. equipment mesh type blade, can completely broken.
3. Select special blade, blade hardness is lower than HRC55 (file HRC hardness is 51 degrees)
4. equipment sturdy structure, dense ribs plate, ensuring strong box.
5. the buttons pop can Crusher equipment Automation control, secure, and easy.
6. equipment safety signs and safety labels, to ensure safe use.
7. the device can be equipped with a conveyor belt feeding.

Pop can Crusher security considerations:

1, the equipment before starting be sure to fully test fuselage equipment is installed securely.
2, after starting, pending the normal operation of the machine, allows feed grinding metals.
3, device work should pay attention to the motor and the sound of crushing cavity, if there is a lot of noise and weird noises go down for comprehensive testing.
Important to note (1) smoke from the motor (2) plugs (3) crushing weight gap (4) bearing overheating more than 60 degrees.
4, equipment, feed staff to stand in metal shredder feeding feeding a measured, put on a mask and hat.
5, metal materials must be careful not to put stones, screws, tools and other hard objects to avoid damage to cavity liner.
6, pop can Crusher before operation be sure to clean up debris around the belt.

Pop can Crusher technical parameters:

Note: larger models of equipment please contact our company, our company can be customized according to your requirements to medium and large can Crusher.

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