Gangue crusher

Gangue crusher

Product description:

Gangue crusher introduction:

Gangue crusher (Double-click the grinder) Mainly applied to brick gangue, shale, coal cinder, slag, construction waste materials such as crushed, solved with gangue, coal cinder brick to add material for the inner fuel; with waste rock, shale production of standard bricks, hollow bricks humidity . material crushing problems Jinyang engineers and technical staff after a long investigation, designed to be bold in practice, successfully develop and produce a high humidity can be easily crushed gangue material of utility model patents - Gangue crusher The product material crushing humidity broke through a big storm in recent years, good market response, the product yield, low noise, high crushing efficiency, solve the old broken hammer and the problem of excessive liner wear suitable for medium and large Small brick, coal preparation plant, slag plant, coal and other industries.

Gangue crusher advantages:

First, the dual-rotor up and down two smash

Jinyang two sets of rotor quality gangue crusher series with each other, so crushed by the higher rotor hammer material immediately rapid rotation of the lower rotor hammer again crushing cavity material rapid reverse collide with each other, crushing each other, reach hammer powder, the effect of powder materials, direct unloading.

II; does not mesh grate at the end; humidity material; never jam

Traditional with grate sieve grinder, not suited to high moisture content of 8% of the raw material, when raw water is higher than 10%, prone to severe congestion, the hammer can not move, the material can not be discharged, even burn bad motor, seriously affecting production.

The machine design does not mesh grate at the end, the moisture content of the material not strictly required, completely blocking the sieve paste does not exist the problem, powder can not be discharged does not exist, repeated crushing of the problem, it is crushed high efficiency, there is no hammer invalid wear and tear.

Third, the unique two-way technology transfer gap

Hammer wear after the gap between the liner and the larger size thicker, the hammer position by moving the center out to narrow the gap between the liner continued use. You can also adjust the gap lining the passage from outside to inside, controlling the particle size.

Four; device weight balance wheel; smooth operation, inertia; energy

Up and down two sets of rotor shaft equipped with flywheel, flywheel adjustable speed operation of the cyclical fluctuations, so that even a smooth operation, increased rotational inertia to overcome the resistance movement, saving more than 20%.

Five; centralized lubrication system; non-stop oiling; convenient

Jinyang gangue broken Crusher Lubrication system, a change in butter mouth, the traditional way of filling oil cup oil; configuration set to the oil distribution pump, step operation, multiple oil; machine at any time while simultaneously filling all bearing lubrication at machine working status oil, convenient and quick. Because the whole passage closed, but it will also prevent dust intrusion damage to the bearings.

Six, hydraulic manually start the case

Hydraulic lifting device, only one person can easily open and close the case, not only lightweight, fast and safe, reliable, easy maintenance.

Gangue crusher features and performance:

First, Jinyang gangue crusher dual-rotor two crushing, production, the particle size 3 mm or less, which accounted for more than 2 mm or less 85%, 0.5mm in the following form feed more than 50%.

Second, no mesh grate at the end, humidity material, not blocked.

Third, the hammer, lining a two-way transfer gap, ready to control the particle size.

Fourth, the two-stage Flying wheel, smooth large inertia, saving 20%. V. centralized lubrication systems, lubrication without stopping the machine timely, convenient and quick.

Fifth, the hydraulic hoist chassis, for hammer, maintenance saving time and labor.

model Feeding Size (mm) The particle size Production capacity (t / h) Allow material moisture content Motor power (kw) Dimensions (mm)
2PC1400 * 1200 ≤200 ≤3mm
(2mm or less than 85%)
100-120 (20% 132+160 5800*2658*3210

model Feeding Size (mm) The particle size Production capacity (t / h) Allow material moisture content Motor power (kw) Dimensions (mm)
2PC600 * 400 ≤100 ≤3mm
(2mm or less than 85%)
15-25 (20% 18.5+22 2350*926*1630

Single-stage gangue grinder main technical parameters:

model Feeding Size (mm) The particle size Production capacity (t / h) Allow material moisture content Motor power (kw) Dimensions (mm)
PC800 * 800 ≤200 3mm less than 90% 40-60 (25% 75 2650*1768*1776
PC1250 * 1000 60-90 110 2950*2285*1985
PC1400 * 1200 80-100 132 3700*2658*2690
PC1400 * 1400 90-120 160 3800*2658*2900

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