Iron mill

Iron mill

Product description:

Iron mill Description:

Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery Iron mill Scrap metal recycling market, according to an urgent need; organizational strength, and domestic and foreign customers with specific application development and production of a new type of practical and efficient equipment; the device comprising: a simple operation, compact structure and promote stable performance, output volume and other significant advantages Kim Yang new energy-saving scrap iron mill is mainly used for large bicycle waste recycling and scrap metal recycling companies, it can be used bicycles, motorcycles, scrap wire, cans, beer caps, Lulu tube, Red Bull cans, paint bucket, briquetting and other metal broken into ideal particle, thus greatly facilitating transportation, processing and reduce transport costs. the user can choose different crushing of raw materials to be processed according to the type and requirements of the finished material (pulverized particle size, cleanliness) machine models and assembly.

Iron mill principle:

Iron mill Special grinder its core principle, the use of the basic principles of a hammer hitting, high-speed high-torque motor driven hammer on the rotor turns host into the cavity of the strike was to be crushed by the liner and the hammer between space formed to be broken material in the crushing cavity full and effective crushing, crushed material will be torn into meet the specifications of broken material. crushed material through the air swirling sorting systems, metal and non-metallic separated, Jinyang iron crusher whole system is equipped with dust removal device, the dust pollution hazard from the production process to a minimum. The equipment mainly high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, crushing the material evenly, etc., and in the use of the device When, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance.

Iron grinder Features:
1, with a large power, high yield, no noise, wear, etc..
2, the iron mill can significantly reduce the volume of the material occupied by the chip, the chip can be continuous feeding, it can also feed gap.
3, horizontal twin-roll mill can make chips chip drying, briquetting, crushing, pre-treatment chemical fireproof materials and transportation becomes easy.
4, crushing ratio, high production efficiency, the material particle size is small.
5, iron mill drive device is provided with safe electrical protection, can effectively prevent accidental failure resulting in equipment damage.
6, processing continues after using iron crushing effectively reduce the chip size, save storage space.

Iron mill technical parameters:

Note: The bigger model of the device, please call the Company, the Company can be customized according to your request large and small metal grinder.

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