Gangue crusher energy saving popular

Gangue crusher energy saving popular

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Gangue crusher energy saving popular

In recent years, China's increasing emphasis on building energy conservation and environmental protection, along with the implementation of building energy efficiency policies, energy-saving materials popular. Gangue Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery Co., Ltd. gangue crusher after its good characteristics .

In China has been rapid development and application to become a large-scale production of environmentally friendly bricks add a new brick material, we Jinyang gangue crusher absolutely do green.

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Gangue crusher (double-click the grinder) is mainly applied to coal gangue brick; shale; cinder; slag; construction waste materials such as crushed; solved with gangue; cinder brick to add material; within the fuel; with waste rock; shale production of standard bricks; hollow

. Brick material crushing humidity problems Jinyang engineers and technical staff after a long investigation, designed to be bold in practice, successfully develop and produce a high humidity can be easily crushed gangue material of utility model patents - gangue crusher that

Product material crushing humidity broke through a big storm in recent years, good market response, the product yield, low noise, high crushing efficiency, solve the old broken hammer and the problem of excessive liner wear suitable for large and small tiles plant, coal washery slag plant.

Mining and other industries.

For a long time, China's coal industry efforts to explore effective ways of utilization of coal gangue, Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery Co., the researchers found that the use of coal gangue gangue brick is one important way of turning waste into treasure. After gangue crusher, jaw

Crusher, impact crusher, mill, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder gangue series of processes after processing, coal gangue brick can greatly improve the efficiency and product quality. Using this technology to produce gangue, fly ash porous bearing

Bricks, hollow bricks proportion, intensity, noise, heat insulation and other indicators are much better than traditional clay bricks, which also China's building materials industry to achieve section of soil, energy, waste recycling target provides a new technical support.

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Gangue crusher energy saving popular