Multifunction brick road

Multifunction brick road

Product description:

Multifunction brick road Shaped design speed of up to 3 times / min
` Shock compression molding ability, formulated by the Liaoning Provincial Building Material Research Institute .
Making recipes, making the products the higher strength
` Seismic bottom abrasive with a steel frame structure
` Hydraulic automatic feed configuration
` Industrial Computer Displays all programming, can be directly manipulated
` Provide electrical PLC control system consists of aerated concrete equipment manufacturers of professional

Jinyang Multifunction brick road Service details :
One, designed for users of construction programs;
Second, to provide relevant drawings for this project ;
III; supervision of infrastructure; water; electricity and other construction process ;
Four; on-site installation and commissioning; on-site training equipment operators and maintenance personnel ;
Fifth, the long-term supply of spare parts and various molds ;

Our commitment to service:

A; machine warranty; lifelong service
II; 24-hour telephone service; holiday normal service
Third, the province and the neighboring province of 24-hour service in place:
Fourth, separated by province 48 hours technical service in place :
Fifth, the partial region province in place no later than 72 hours .

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