Superfine broken crusher

Superfine broken crusher

Product description:

Superfine broken crusher advantages:

Jinyang crushing machine, also known Superfine broken crusher The third generation of crushing machines widely crusher uses, its performance has reached international advanced level, is the most effective, practical and reliable gravel machine, especially for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate and other hard, brittle material crushing and broken, is a highly efficient, energy-saving equipment gravel sand than Crusher traditional energy-saving 50%, is the world's advanced equipment currently crushing machine. I produced the heavy crushing machine is in absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic industry specific mining conditions and the development of the latest generation Superfine broken crusher Kim Yang heavy crushing machine is mainly used for crushing all kinds of medium hardness of solid materials in the cement industry, crushing limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed materials, etc. can also be finely divided calcium phosphate, dolomite, perlite ore etc. Can widely used in building materials, fertilizers, mining and refractories and other industrial sectors.

Superfine broken crusher has the following advanced features:

(1) The foreign Superfine crusher is broken on the basis of the old third-generation crushing machine with wheels on the increase; this saves energy; increasing the kinetic energy; production efficiency has been greatly improved; is an energy-saving Crusher ;

(2) In the heavy maintenance Crusher opening rear doors to observe, so that is more conducive to the maintenance and observation of the functioning of the equipment;

(3) added a grate adjustment device, easy to adjust the sand of the expected size, design more humane, but also a new crushing machine.

Superfine broken crusher advantages:

Superfine crusher investment lower than the same size of the traditional technique and equipment 35% -50% higher than the same scale output efficiency of traditional technique and equipment 35% -50% (limestone as an example: one product size ≤5mm accounted for more than 85%). Jinyang Superfine crushers break the long-running maintenance costs lower than the same size of the traditional technique and equipment 35% -50%, widely used mechanism for aggregate, cement, refractories, metallurgy and other industries.

Superfine broken crusher applications:

• river pebbles, rocks (limestone; granite; basalt; diabase; andesite, etc.), ore tailings, the artificial sand making stone chips.

• construction aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production.

• water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, highway, railway, passenger railway, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise buildings and stone shaping mechanism sand production.

• mining industry front crushing grinding process, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractories, cement, abrasive material crushing and other industries.

• High abrasion and secondary crushing disintegration, thermal power, in addition to sulfur metallurgical industry, steel slag, broken construction waste and other environmental projects.

• glass, quartz sand and other high purity materials.

Superfine broken crusher technical parameters:

PXJ Crusher Rotor width ø * (mm) Rotor width ø * (mm) Rotor width ø * (mm) Rotor width ø * (mm) Rotor width ø * (mm) Rotor width ø * (mm) Rotor width ø * (mm)
Model Specifications 800*400 800*800 1000*1000 1200
Inlet size (mm) 400*185 550*330 1000*350 1200
Feed size (mm) (120 (180 (180 (180 (190 (190 (190
The particle size (mm) (0.3-5 (0.3-5 (0.3-5 (0.3-5 (0.3-5 (0.3-5 (0.3-5
Discharge slit width adjustment 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20
Cement clinker (T / H) 20-30 35-45 45-55 100-110 100-150 170-210 250-270
Limestone (T / H) 35-45 55-65 65-75 90-100 100-150 190-250 280-310
With power (KW) 37-45 45-55 55-75 100-132 160 250 315

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