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8-15 Mianshaozhuanji

8-15 Mianshaozhuanji
  • 8-15 Mianshaozhuanji
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QT8-15 block making machine main features:

Jinyang 8-15 Mianshaozhuanji Hydroforming, compact structure, good production stability, high yield.

1, plus hydraulic vibration, up and down vibration, twin afterburner - to achieve a high yield of finished compacting, high compressive strength, no significant cellular brick house.
2, plus a large petrol stations, strong built-in type cooler. - Hydraulic oil cooling quickly reached to extend the service life of hydraulic components, ensure the stability of production in hot weather.
3, sent to board Dodge crank rod type sent to board, sending bricks - reached just forming block brick high yield, not damaged.
4, special sub-feeder to feed - to achieve different block brick different feed, maintain the strength of brick, density unified, uniform appearance, and can improve work efficiency.
5, adjustable control points cabinet with automatic and manual two panels combined into one cabinet technology - to achieve the case of automatic plate suddenly appeared in the production failure, immediately to the manual knob panels, production is still possible, aim After stopping the machine is turned on, ensure the production of normalization, in order to improve efficiency.
6, the control cabinet loaded with the drive - to achieve excitation me in an instant speed, explosive force strong to increase the density of the brick masonry.
7 . 8-15 Mianshaozhuanji Convenient mold replacement, positioning accuracy, without proof, saving time and effort.
8, another configuration with electronic grade to silos, hydraulic automatic machine off the board, for users to achieve full automation of production.

8-15 Mianshaozhuanji features and configuration:

QT8-15 block making machine In addition to inheriting all the features of QT6-15 advantages, but also the application of many new technologies.
Compared with QT6-15 Block Making Machine, the equipment investment increased by about 18%, production has increased by 30%, reduce consumption by about 10%.
QT8-15 type machine 'telecommunication' control of decency, it is remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and system upgrade provides great convenience.
Using self-developed new technology most advanced fabrics; when the tank reaches the top of the fabric mold; material inside the material quickly; even spilled into the mold cavity; can do: Weight error between the products of each monomer ± 5%, Strength error ≤ ± 15%.
Vibration box use frequency motor drive, frequency control to achieve the desired vibration force, vibration frequency, prototyping and manufacturing high-quality block products.

8-15 Mianshaozhuanji main technical parameters:

8-15 Mianshaozhuanji The main technical parameters:
Molding cycle (s) Pallet Dimensions (mm) Capacity (kw) Machine weight (t) Machine Dimensions (mm) Highest vibrational frequency (r / min) (R / min)
15~18 850*850*25 28 15.3 7250*6000*3500 4500

8-15 Mianshaozhuanji Theoretical yield table:
product Size (mm) Block / pallet Block / hour Block / day
Standard bricks 240*115*53 36 8640 69120
Hollow Block 390*190*190 8 1920 15360
Multi-hole brick 240*115*90 18 4320 34560
Brick path 225*112.5*80 18 4320 34560
Equipment area (square feet) Static conservation indoor (sq) Cement Warehouse (square) Gravel yard (square) Finished yard (square)
120 1500-2500 100 500 More than 3600

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