Automatic high-speed molding Tile Machine

Automatic high-speed molding Tile Machine

Product description:

Cement Tile Tile equipment introduction and development:

Molded cement tile machine Is the new concrete roofing materials industry has a high-end decorative effect of covering material; application in China has been very widespread; the tile waterproof; wind resistance; anti-leakage; frost insulation; and construction speed; property administrative costs low; moderate prices, etc; plus appearance and internal quality is better than the squeeze cement tile; glazed tiles; and clay tile; Jinyang Automatic high-speed molding Tile Machine The wall is adapted to national reform policies, the protection of land resources and protect the environment of the new recommended products, its sales prospects are very promising.

High-speed automatic molding tile machine features:

Cement Tile has a density, high strength, light weight, reasonable tile, etc., completely changed the traditional use of dry concrete roller type of cement tile rough, low intensity, tile and other shortcomings by monotonous, it has a unique waterproof structure, high strength, beautiful appearance. Molded tile has a convenient construction, the adoption snap up and down ramps and slopes, so that the roof form a coherent whole, with superior wind resistance and good thermal insulation sex, less investment and quick.

Automatic high-speed molding Tile Machine Technology:

1; a machine; large tonnage; low power consumption; CNC molding

Automatic high-speed molding Tile Machine unique design, multi-function hydraulic molding, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, to fill the gaps; product density, high strength, variety, the replacement of mold can produce a variety of each boutique-like tile and terrazzo tiles, concrete products in the boutique.

2, Tongli unburned tile machine imported member is preferably configured

High-speed automatic molding tile Machine adopts imported PC, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, gas, integrated control, automatic control. A change in the traditional molding machine guide sleeve positioned four pole precision positioning, the whole performance is more stable and reliable, higher productivity, yields more than similar foreign products.

3; technological innovation; remote diagnostics

My company specializes in brick machinery manufacturing experience, and long-term tracking of customer service, combined with user feedback, the device details are maturing, a new generation of equipment adds remote control, diagnostics system that can run thousands of miles away on the machine for data analysis, enabling customers for equipment maintenance easier.

4; small tile production line investment; speed; high yield

Forming units than ordinary molded Tile: high technology content; speed; high yield (single shift production increased 80%), product efficiency, good market prospects.

MYMJ-125 type high speed molding Tile Machine equipment consists of:

1, cement tile machine

2, Wheel mixer

3, quantitative feeder

4, bucket elevator

5, steel Salvatore

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