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Counterattack Crusher

Counterattack Crusher
  • Counterattack Crusher
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Impact crusher introduction:

Impact crusher is also called counter broke, this machine can handle 860*1520 mm on a side item.Counterattack Crusher Appropriate breaking strength is no more than 350 MPA material suitable for crushing of hard materials, hard rock, such as limestone crushing cement plant, with large capacity, high crushing ratio, the advantages of small size.

Advantages of inversed impact crusher:

Gold top Counterattack Crusher Compared with hammer crusher, the crusher than larger and fuller utilization of high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor. But because of the impact crusher flat hammer easy to wear, on the application of it in hard material crushing restrictions, inversed impact crusher is typically used to rough broken, breaking or crushing limestone, coal and calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, iron sulfide ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials under hard brittle materials.

This series ideal for feeding grain size of 100-500mm, the maximum shall not exceed the specified value. Leaves the material granularity users adjust hammers and counterattack, flattening parts reach the space between.

Impact crusher working principle:

Gold of inversed impact crusher is a shock to broken material crushing machinery. This machine work Shi, in motor of led Xia, rotor high-speed rotating, material into Board hammer role district Shi, and rotor Shang of Board hammer impact broken, Hou and was throwing to counter device Shang again broken, then and from counter lining Board Shang play returned to Board hammer role district again broken, this process repeat for, material by big to small into a, II, three, counter cavity repeat for broken, until material was broken to by needed grain degrees, by out material mouth discharge. Adjusting the back clearance between rotor and can achieve change discharging granularity aim of shapes and materials.

Impact crusher technical characteristics:

1. compact structure, strong rigidity of the machine, the rotor has a larger moment of inertia;
2. no key links, easy maintenance, economical and reliable;
3. clearance between counterattack plate and plate hammer can facilitate the control, effectively controlling the particle size and particle shape well;
4. high crushing cavity, adapt to the high hardness of the material, fragmentation, less powder products;
5. broken functionality, high efficiency, small mechanical wear, high overall efficiency.
6. back breaking high-chromium plate hammer, resistance to impact, abrasion, impact;

Impact crusher main technical parameters:

Model Specification (mm) Feed size (mm) Maximum feed side length (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (kg)
PF-0607 644*740 320*770 100 10-20 30 4000
PF-0807 850*700 400*730 300 15-30 30-45 8130
PF-1008 1000*800 400*830 300 30-50 37-55 9800
PF-1010 1000*1000 400*1080 350 50-80 55-75 11000
PF-1210 1250*1050 400*1080 350 70-120 110-132 14000
PF-1212 1250*1250 400*1300 350 100-150 132-160 16000
PF-1214 1250*1400 400*1430 350 130-180 132-180 17000
PF-1315 1320*1500 860*1520 500 160-250 180-260 19000
PF-1320 1320*2000 860*2030 500 300-350 300-355 24000

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