Roll Crusher

Roll Crusher

Product description:

Roller crusher introduction:

Roll Crusher Is Jinyang Machinery Co., Ltd. Seiko build, stable performance, reliable, easy maintenance, low operating cost, nesting particle size adjustable, it can be widely used in refractory, cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal and other industries on the brittle and ductile material processing.

Roll Crusher Application:

Roll Crusher for mineral processing, chemical, cement, building materials and other industrial sectors and tertiary crushing all kinds of medium hardness ores and rocks following purposes.

classification : On the roll crusher can be divided according to the number of rollers double roll-to-roll and four-roll crusher.

Roller crusher working principle and structure:

1, Jinyang series Roll Crusher Composed mainly of roller, roller support bearings, pinch and adjust parts of the device and other components of the drive unit.

2, the expected size of the adjustment: fitted with the wedge between the two roller or pad adjustment top device, the device is equipped with wedge adjustment bolt, when the adjustment bolts pull up wedge, wedge away from the active roll top fixed wheel, namely two roller gap becomes larger, the particle size becomes large, when the wedge down activities roller compression spring under the effect of two rounds of the gap becomes smaller, the smaller particle size. spacer means is By quantity or thickness of shims to adjust the particle size of the material, while increasing both the gasket roller gap larger, while reducing gasket two roller gap smaller the particle size becomes smaller.

3, the roller crusher driving mechanism is composed of two motors by V-belt drive to the sheave roller drag, rotate in opposite directions. When the broken material, the material from the inlet through the rollers, the rolling and broken, finished after crushing is discharged from the chassis below.

4, for safety, drive part should install the security cover according to the actual situation.

Roll crusher technical parameters:

Specifications Model Feeding size mm Discharging granularity mm Yield t / h Motor Power kw Weight kg
2PG-400X250 ≤25 1-8 5-10 11 1500
2PG-400X500 ≤30 1-15 10-20 22 2600
2PG-610X400 ≤40 1-20 13-35 30 4500
2PG-750X500 ≤40 2-20 15-40 37 12250
2PG-900X500 ≤40 3-40 20-50 44 14000

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