Slime dryer

Slime dryer

Product description:

First, the slime dryer Description:

Slime dryer Unique break device can be broken up after drying adhesive slime, increasing the contact area between the slime and hot air, so that the thermal efficiency has been greatly improved, Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery slime dryer drying After one-time dry slime reduce the moisture to about 12 percent, slime after drying can be used directly as a fuel. make slime turning waste into treasure. Another company's R & D department after years of unremitting efforts, can be boiler exhaust gas as a heating source slime dryer, the successful launch of the use of the boiler exhaust gas dryer. No investment is heating, hot no cost. true energy-saving drying, the real energy saving.

Second, the slime dryer uses:

Jinyang energy efficient slime dryer is developed on the basis of the drum dryer developed from a new type of drying equipment it can be widely used:

Dry mixed coal and other materials; 1; slime coal industry; coal; coal flotation;

2; Dry quartz and other materials; construction industry blast furnace slag; clay; limestone; sand;

3; mineral processing industry a variety of metal concentrates; dried tailings and other materials; waste;

4, dry chemical industry, non-heat-sensitive materials.

Third, the slime dryer works:

Slime dryer Drying material slime itself has high humidity; high adhesion; during drying wet slurry via conveyor into the slime broken equipment; After a quick break up the massive slime into the negative pressure drying Machine after divided into the following workspaces:

First, the guide feed zone; wet slime into the negative pressure in this area with the high temperature hot air after contact with large amounts of water quickly evaporated; slime in a large lead angle copy copy board next move; do not form a bond will be introduced next workspace ;

Second, clean up the area; wet slime in this area is copied state board took a curtain forming material; easy to form an adhesive roller wall phenomenon of falling material; in this area due to the slime dryer equipment design cleaning device; cleaning device can Quick clean up the cylinder wall adhesive slime; in this process; cleaning device for the material group ball agglomeration also play a crushing effect; thus increasing the heat exchange area; improve the efficiency of heat and mass transfer; increase the drying rate;

Third, tilt lifting plate area; this area is the low-temperature drying zone; slime loose state has shown a low moisture in this area; this area is no longer an adhesive phenomenon; hot water requirements through the finished product has reached the required exchange; movement into The final discharge zone;

Fourth, discharge zone, slime dryer drying host drum in this region does not copy board, rolling material in this area taxiing to the discharge opening, to complete the drying process.

Fourth, the slime dryer technical parameters:

Product Specifications Production capacity
(T / h)
Speed ​​of bucket
(R / min)
Φ0.6*8 m 1.5-2.8 4 8 JZQ 250-16-Ⅰ 5.1
Φ0.8*10 m 3.0 4 7.5 JZQ 350-16-Ⅰ 6.9
Φ10*10 m 3.3-4.9 5.5 5.8 JZQ 400-16-Ⅰ 7.5
Φ1.2*10 m 4-6 7.5 4.8 ZL 50-16-Ⅰ 13.5
Φ1.5*12 m 4-6 10 4.8 JZQ 500-Ⅲ-2F 18.9
Φ1.5*15 m 7-12 18.5 4.8 ZQ 500-Ⅲ-2F 21
Φ1.8*12 m 7-12 18.5 4.1 JZQ 50-16 Ⅱ-2 22.83
Φ2.2*12 m 12 18.5 3.2 JZQ 650-Ⅲ 37.6
Φ2.2*14 m 12 22 3.2 JZQ 650-Ⅲ 40
Φ2.2*16 m 10-13 30 3.2 JZQ 750-Ⅲ 45
Φ2.4*14 m 10-14 30 3 JZQ 750-Ⅲ 51
Φ2.4*18 m 25 37 3 ZL 85-13-Ⅰ 54
Φ2.4*20 m 32-36 37 3 ZL 85-13-Ⅰ 54.14
Φ3*20 m 40-50 55 2.59 ZL 100-16-Ⅰ 78
Φ3*25 m 45-58 75 2.59 ZL 100-16-I 104.9

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