Slag dryer

Slag dryer

Product description:

First, the slag dryer Overview

Slag dryer Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical, cement and other industries, mainly for the slag, limestone, clay, sand, quartz sand, slag and other wet large, than the major materials. Slag drying production line, mainly by rotation barrel, the wind equipment, high-speed broken up equipment, lifting plate, self-cleaning device, gear, transportation equipment, hot air equipment, gear, support equipment and sealing devices and other components. Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery slag dryer complete set of equipment rational design, manufacture sophisticated, stable performance, advanced technology, high output, low power consumption, small size, degree of mechanization advantages.

Second, the scope of application of slag dryer

Slag dryer (drum dryer) is a process a lot drier material. As reliable operation, operating flexibility, adaptability, processing capacity, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mining industries. Back around the dryer drum generally adapted to granular materials, can also be incorporated into the material used for some way to dry and sticky paste materials or materials with high moisture content. The advantage of this dryer is production capacity, wide application, low flow resistance, allowing greater volatility range operation, easy to operate. slag dryer, drum dryers commonly used in dry sand, ore, coal, manure, dung Wait.

Third, slag dryer works

Wet material from the belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper, then through the hopper feeder into the slag dryer feed end by feeding the pipe. Inclination feed conduit is greater than the natural inclination of materials, so that the material smoothly flows into the dryer inside. slag dryer is a dryer cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal rotating cylinder. Material from the higher end of the join, the heating medium enters from the low end, into countercurrent contact with the material, but also the heating medium and the material together and flow into the cylinder. With Slag dryer Rotating cylinder material by gravity to run to one end than the end of the wet material in the cylinder body to move forward the process, directly or indirectly, the heating medium to heat the wet material to be dried, and then in the dryer out discharge end by the belt or screw conveyor sent.

In slag dryer cylinder body wall equipped with copy board, its role is to copy the material up and planted, so that the contact surface of the material and increases airflow to improve the drying rate and to promote material progress. Heat carrier is generally divided into hot air, flue gas, etc. heat carrier through the dryer after the cyclone will generally require gas trapped within the material brought down. To further reduce exhaust gas dust content, but also through the baghouse or wet dust and then put emissions.

Fourth, slag dryer advantages:

1, Jinyang slag dryer using a new type of feeding, nesting devices, put an end to the slag dryer feed blockage, discontinuous, uneven, and returning materials such phenomena, reducing the load on your dust removal system.
2, machine processing than the larger, strong anti-overload, low fuel consumption, can directly reduce your drying costs.
3, slag dryer can satisfy different user classes after drying slag material particle size and moisture requirements.
4, in the internal structure to achieve innovation, and strengthen the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed material, eliminating the cylinder wall adhesions phenomenon.
5, slag dryer designed for optimum drying effect, the use of downstream drying methods, materials and heat into the air from the same side of the drying equipment, dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency.

Fifth, slag dryer technical parameters:

Product Specifications Production capacity
(T / h)
Speed ​​of bucket
(R / min)
Φ0.6*8 m 1.5-2.8 4 8 JZQ 250-16-Ⅰ 5.1
Φ0.8*10 m 3.0 4 7.5 JZQ 350-16-Ⅰ 6.9
Φ10*10 m 3.3-4.9 5.5 5.8 JZQ 400-16-Ⅰ 7.5
Φ1.2*10 m 4-6 7.5 4.8 ZL 50-16-Ⅰ 13.5
Φ1.5*12 m 4-6 10 4.8 JZQ 500-Ⅲ-2F 18.9
Φ1.5*15 m 7-12 18.5 4.8 ZQ 500-Ⅲ-2F 21
Φ1.8*12 m 7-12 18.5 4.1 JZQ 50-16 Ⅱ-2 22.83
Φ2.2*12 m 12 18.5 3.2 JZQ 650-Ⅲ 37.6
Φ2.2*14 m 12 22 3.2 JZQ 650-Ⅲ 40
Φ2.2*16 m 10-13 30 3.2 JZQ 750-Ⅲ 45
Φ2.4*14 m 10-14 30 3 JZQ 750-Ⅲ 51
Φ2.4*18 m 25 37 3 ZL 85-13-Ⅰ 54
Φ2.4*20 m 32-36 37 3 ZL 85-13-Ⅰ 54.14
Φ3*20 m 40-50 55 2.59 ZL 100-16-Ⅰ 78
Φ3*25 m 45-58 75 2.59 ZL 100-16-I 104.9

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