Sludge Dryer

Sludge Dryer

Product description:

I. Overview of the sludge dryer

Jinyang Machinery Manufacturing Company developed argillaceous material dryers - sludge dryer equipment suitable for a variety of viscous sludge drying, moisture can be wet sludge dewatering drying became about 85% moisture content below 10% dry sludge drying system vacuum operation, with enhanced heat transfer means direct heat, convenient material drying moisture control, operating flexibility, allowing the flow of products have a greater fluctuation range less system temperature mechanical equipment, simple reliable, simple structure, easy to clean, low failure rate, continuous operation, low maintenance costs, wide range of applications. Jinyang Sludge Dryer Widely used in sludge drying system, sewage sludge drying, petrochemical sludge drying sludge drying paper, printing and dyeing sludge drying, tanning sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, municipal sludge drying, fermentation bacteria slag all kinds of sludge and various bad slag and other high humidity drying materials.

Second, the sludge dryer works and Scope

New type Sludge Dryer The system works as follows: sludge from the feeder through the slot into the dryer leavened guide plate material, with the rotation of the cylinder, the sludge is led to tilt lifting plate i.e. promoted to the center position of the cylinder, gradually forming material spilled screen, high-temperature air to pass therethrough, the sludge preheated and evaporated some of the water. When the sludge spilled, when moving to the activity grate style wing plate material but also with preheated grate-type wing plate mixed together, will heat to the material, so that part of the water evaporates while wing entrained material filed, crisp, repeatedly, materials and hot air convection and contact heat exchange while buried in the material of the cleaning device, also along the back side of the arc-shaped lifting plate of decline, the lifting plate adhesion material sweeping down the inner wall. When the cylinder cleaning device with turned vertical lines later, and drag in the back arc lifting plate, which adhere to the lifting plate material sweeping down the outer wall of the continuous rotation of the sludge dryer cylinder, so that part of the water evaporation, further drying the sludge while sludge cleaning device group also played a smash ball role in enhancing the drying rate, the final sludge drying loose material becomes low moisture from the discharge port.

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Third, the main features of the sludge dryer

1, a reasonable partitioning dryer Quintana, and the dispersion of materials, Young throwing better.
2, the unique break for Jinyang dryer, rapping device, effectively solves the material with the body, lifting devices bonded to each other and agglomerate material drying process, movement blocked problem.
3, special lifting, sprinkle feeding device, make materials, high gas exchange efficiency.
4, the use of materials and hot air downstream drying process, for a wide range of materials while maintaining the original activity.
5, sludge dryer automatic temperature monitoring control system, make the system more convenient operation.
6, using inverter technology to adjust the cylinder speed, optimizing the contact time with the hot flue gas material, improve the drying effect.
7, optimized structure design, extend equipment life.

Fourth, the sludge dryer technical parameters

specification Barrel size (m) Production capacity (T / h) First Water (%) Final moisture (%) Total power (kw)
GT1.6-16.5 Φ1.6*16.5 3-5T / h 20±3 ≤10 57
GT1.8-18 Φ1.8*18 5-7T / h 20±3 ≤10 60.5
GT2-20 Φ2.0*20 7-10T / h 20±3 ≤10 80
GT2.2-20 Φ2.2*20 10-15T / h 20±3 ≤10 95
GT2.5-22 Φ2.5*22 15-20T / h 20±3 ≤10 108.5

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