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Manure dryer

Manure dryer
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First, the chicken manure dryer uses and structural principle

Manure dryer Suitable for large, medium and small farms and the farming industry is relatively developed regions, according to the requirements of chicken manure drying products, can be different heat sources such as: gas stove, direct thermal stove, indirect hot stove, oil , electric heating, steam, etc. Jinyang manure dryer is suitable for water less than 65% of the chicken, duck manure, livestock manure, slaughterhouse waste, etc., for open feed resources, reduce feeding costs, reduce environmental pollution has good results .

My company Seiko produced manure dryer, manure dryer can be as high as 70% -80% water content of livestock manure a direct drying to about 13% of the safe storage of water, easy to use machine fertilizer production, The whole drying process equipment in a closed system, thereby reducing the drying process contamination of the environment. chicken manure drying equipment from the stove, transportation equipment, feed devices, drum drier crusher, transmission, electrical system , a feeding device, dust and exhaust system components unit.

Second, the chicken manure dryer Features

1, Manure dryer Production process: The aircraft will be 65% of the fresh water containing manure through high-temperature drying, sterilization, drying and other processes from the decomposition of water containing less than 13% pure chicken manure organic fertilizer.

2, chicken manure dryer drying Finished: This organic fertilizer has a variety of nutrients required by crops research department that detected: chicken manure fertilizer nitrogen content of 2.6%, 3.5% phosphorus, potassium an amount of 2.5%, 16-25% crude protein, organic matter was 45%. is the best choice of fertilizer pollution-free green food planted, it can also be used to feed the fish, cattle, pigs and the like.

3, Jinyang dryer drying process using the flow and seal, reduce secondary pollution to the environment, while reducing energy consumption.

4, chicken manure dryer drum and the speed of the crushing device can be adjusted, automatic cleanup knot stick cylinder wall materials, continuous operation.

5, manure dryer drum drying high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation.

6, manure dryer ﹑ simple structure excellent resistance, stores running through the cylinder, operating convenience smoothly.

7, chicken manure dryer fault less ﹑ ﹑ low power consumption and low maintenance cost and high yield.

8, for a wide range of products and dry ﹑ good uniformity.

9, manure dryer drying but it can also achieve sterilization and deodorization purposes.

Prospects Third, chicken manure dryer

Pure chicken manure is fresh chicken manure as the main raw material. After thorough Jinyang chicken manure dryer drying thoroughly to dust, clean, high-temperature drying, concentrated grinding, sterilization, to smell decomposition processes, refining A variety of crops containing nutrients necessary for the test by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences experts found that where a nitrogen content of 2.6%, 3.5% phosphorus, potassium 2.5%, 16-25% crude protein, organic matter forty five%.

After extensive tests, wheat yield per acre fertilizer 100Kg be more than 20%, vegetables fertilization 100Kg per acre may increase more than 30%, fruit Meike 25Kg fertilization can increase more than 40%, watermelon fertilization 100Kg per acre can yield more than 40%, or more Other fertilizer usage is no longer used. The organic fertilizer is evenly brown granular product, no pollution, no odor, easy to use, high fertilizer efficiency, improve soil conducive to overcoming salinity due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers harm caused by soil compaction suitable for wheat, rice, peanuts, tree fruits and other crops, improve crop quality, improve fruit quality, for human health, is the best choice of fertilizer pollution-free green food cultivation. This product can also be used as feed additives for feeding the fish, cattle, pigs and the like.

At present, Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Liaoning and other places, farmers have a lot of use, other market prospects are very broad.

Fourth, the technical parameters of chicken manure dryer

Product Specifications (m) Processing capacity (t / h) The moisture content (%) The moisture content (%) Host power (KW) Coal-fired calorific value (kcal / kg)
Φ1.0x10 0.8-1.2 75±5 ≤13 3 5.5
Φ1.2x12 1.5-2 75±5 ≤13 3 7.5
Φ1.5x14 5-8 75±5 ≤13 3 11
Φ1.8x14 8-13 75±5 ≤13 3 15

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