Waste Environmental dryer

Waste Environmental dryer

Product description:

First, the waste treatment system sets environmental Dryer Overview

Environmental dryer drying waste material is mainly composed of leftovers discarded food dishes composed, if directly as general waste or municipal waste treatment, not only pollute the environment and increase the amount of urban waste disposal, but also a waste of these waste food, is also a These people refuse directly as feed, but easy to spoilage during storage and transportation, which contains the bacteria viruses and other harmful microbes also infect livestock are reared, and then inflict harm. Zhengzhou Jinyang Machinery developed high-tech R & D team Waste Environmental dryer Including crushing, dehydration, secondary crushing, drying and sterilization, add feed additives and granulation step. Waste Environmental dryer reduce resource waste and food waste endless pollution of the environment, the system uses the machine equipment, for Food waste, recycling of resources do, so food waste waste to treasure, become indispensable aquaculture feed. Jinyang dryer full use of catering waste contains a lot of organic matter in its pulverized, dehydrated and dried, so that garbage into high-calorie diet, the color is golden yellow, uniform particles, completely solve the city garbage casual dining restaurant group to abandon not be used due to environmental pollution.

Second, the food waste treatment system processes feed

Waste Environmental dryer The system uses first material crushing, to facilitate the subsequent dehydration, the dehydration of materials to be dehydrated and dried, reduced drying energy consumption, and high-temperature drying process of the material inactivate harmful microorganisms, do not need to set up a separate sterilization process, simplification material handling process, saving energy sterilized separately required, after sterilization granulated material dried fodder, convenient packaging, storage and use of feed products, and may in the process according to the nature of materials and feed required nutritional requirements, appropriate to add feed additives, adjusted to meet the nutritional requirements of feed being fed to livestock in favor of scientific farming.

The food waste feed processing equipment will be needed to deal with each separate devices connected in a reasonable integration of complete sets of equipment, so that the entire process can be carried out continuously closed, dryer waste not only reduces the environmental footprint, but also reduce capital investment, easy to operate, eliminating odors and pollution generated by the production process can reduce material and energy waste.

Third, food waste feed system Main features

1, Jinyang waste environmental Dryer satisfy the city's catering group of business process requirements for food and beverage processing conditions;

2; The device has a minimum surface area; dining garbage treatment in favor of in-situ treatment of conditions and requirements;

3; dryer standardized; series; factory equipment production;

4, completely solve the food waste waste of resources and environmental pollution;

5; the use of the whole equipment; able to adapt to a variety of food and beverage waste disposal;

6; a device having a minimum area; facilitates the handling of raw material moisture humidifiers; make the least amount of heat loss;

7; use the whole operation; to maximize the efficiency of feed conversion;

Fourth, environmental waste dryer schematic

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