Gray aluminum mill

Gray aluminum mill

Product description:

Gray aluminum mill Description:

Aluminum ash grinding mill products - aluminum ash, a byproduct of aluminum production process, the main ingredient is alumina, aluminum and impurities, alumina and aluminum have high economic value of recycling, but they must be separated open to use. thus creating gray aluminum mill, Jinyang Machinery Production Quality aluminum gray ball Gray can be polished aluminum, Isolation. This device is based on aluminum ash characteristics and performance requirements for the development of high-tech products, to better separate the aluminum and ash, grind a higher degree of aluminum ore, reducing Aluminum wear, so the recovery of aluminum higher.

Gray aluminum mill processing production line (Dedicated mill aluminum ash)

Jinyang Gray aluminum mill The abrasive ash material aluminum complex shape and high plasticity, in the impurity removal process is very difficult, in order to improve the processing efficiency of aluminum and aluminum purity, my company after several years of painstaking research, produce a unique aluminum ash slag processing mill and production lines, or according to the requirements of customers ordering technology, to create a national technical barriers to reach the high end equipment, and the production line of energy-saving and environmental protection, in line with the national energy saving industrial policy.

Gray aluminum mill Specifications: φ900 * 3000, φ1200 * 4500 and the like; lined with high manganese, vanadium and titanium chrome steel balls to φ120, φ100, φ480, φ60, φ40, φ30 six of them.

Gray aluminum mill advantages:

Energy: traditional ball mill, using the main bearing bush do
1, φ900 refiner drum speed of 35 rev / min; Jinyang gray aluminum mill equipment improvements for the Rolling back; milling drum speed of 41 rev / min; due to the reduced friction; motor to 22kw (Vintage 30kw), daily 24 hours, saving 193 degrees, electricity 105.6 yuan.
2, φ1200 refiner transfer drum speed is 28; the machine changed after rolling bearings; mill drum speed of 32 revolution; because of reduced friction; motor to 45kw (vintage is 55kw), 24 hours a day can save. 240 degrees, electricity 156 yuan.

Increase production: the old mill feed mouth diameter of φ150mm, single screw and natural feed, due to the light weight aluminum ash, volatile raw material particle size, the device is in half-load operation Jinyang gray aluminum mill to mill feed mouth diameter φ900 increased. to φ210mm, φ1200 mill increases to φ300, the double helix force feeding, scientific deployment ball ratio, increase speed, so as to achieve the purpose to increase production. φ900 mill from the original 0.3-0.5T / hour up to 0.6-1T / hr. φ1200 mill from the original 0.5-1t / hour up to 1.5-2.2t / hour.

Small dust: special export plus a dust collection hood, greatly reducing the dust.

Less investment: a cylindrical sieve beat function mill outlet installation, save a linear shaker than traditional methods, can save about 10,000 investment, reducing operating costs.

Reducing the amount of labor: with automatic clearing loaded in favor of cleaning up the residue of the mill feeder plus a clear block device.

Gray aluminum mill production safety matters:

1, according to a predetermined time, a predetermined number Jiatian ball.
2, once every half hour to check the main bearing and motor temperature, generally should not exceed 60 ℃.
3, ball mill operation no abnormal sound departments.
4, monitor the return line back to the oil without interruption, back to the oil temperature within 35 ℃ -45 ℃.
5, cylinder and cover no loosening bolts

Mill aluminum ash handling Aluminum ash method:

Hot aluminum ash handling:

1, the processing one ton or less, suitable for use in the vicinity of the furnace treatment, environmental protection no special requirements workshop.

2, the daily processing of aluminum mill aluminum ash gray 5-40 tons, forklifts shipped gray, fully enclosed, cold gray admixture systems, rapid cooling quench institutions, sub-screen, and then through the melted so treated relatively clean thoroughly, residual aluminum content 2% -5% matching dust bag, dust-free. suitable for large aluminum centralized treatment.

3, 1-5 tons daily processing aluminum ash, can also be focus in the not too distant gray aluminum plant in the vicinity of the furnace.

Cold aluminum ash handling:

General domestic use before the cold gray twist roller, vibration sieve, crucible melting, then twist and then sieve residue repeated several times the amount of aluminum in about 2% -5%, but employing more harsh environment, pollution, the impact of the corporate image, in violation of state policy .

Jinyang Gray aluminum mill The process is the pipeline operations, crushing - screening - milling - sieving - melted down the entire system closed, plus dust cover daily processing about 10 tons -500 tons, can also be connected with the hot ash handle, so you can improve efficiency through aluminum. aluminum mill processed grain ash can be directly used for smelting.

Aluminum ash can be used as the production of aluminum chloride series Purificant raw materials, scrap recycling do make the best use of, or treated with joint material made of aluminum instead of gray ice fine stone raw material for aluminum.

Gray aluminum mill technical parameters:

specification Power (kw) Processing capacity (t / h) Remark
Φ1200*4500 45 1.5-2.2
Φ1200*2000 30 0.3-0.5 Dedicated chunk of slag
Φ900*4500 22 0.6-1
Φ900*4000 22 0.5-0.9
Φ900*3500 18.5 0.4-0.5 Dedicated chunk of slag
Φ900*3000 15 0.2-0.3

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