Grid ball mill

Grid ball mill

Product description:

Grid ball mill introduction:

Gold Grid ball mill Shaft with the hollow side of the discharge cover, with bearings and exhaust lattices. The discharge grid up to the center of the ball mill lining plate, plaid lining and dustpan liner and other components. Cast on the wall in the cover of eight radial ribs, cover pie is divided into eight rooms, each fan-shaped interior install the Pan liner and screw on the cover, and then install the lattice Panels formed by the Pan liner on each fan Chamber.

Grid ball mill liner comes in two forms: a synthesis is made up of two pieces of a set from the wedge clamping wedge iron cross bar fastening with screws in cover, Center section of liner from the Center hold, so they don't tilt and fall off; Other is the synthesis of two piece, screw directly. Center lining is star-shaped, it consists of two blocks, with screws on the ribs. Hole-lattice Plaid lining Board of ball mill is arranged in tilted, the width of the hole to discharge gradually expanded, you can prevent the back of pulp and coarse plug. Slurry discharge lower through the grid liner a pore into the fan Chamber, and then mill cylinder go to the top and along the channel from the. Hollow shaft lined with wear-resistant inner sleeve, and trumpet-shaped blades made from one end, in order to guide the pulp along the blade out of the mill. As the pulp through the mill grid plate discharge device to discharge, so called grid ball mill.

Check ball features:

1. grid ball mill machine bearing replacing bearings, friction is greatly reduced, start easy, energy conservation significantly;
2. end cone design is taken out of it, this will not only increase the volume, forcing cones-side ball ratings, the closer exit, ball diameter small, increases the effect of repeated grinding, material fine degree of further improved;
3. the introduction of grooved ring liner, increased ball contact surface mine, strengthened the abrasive and ore hoisting capacity, lower power;
4. this machine is made of the whole frame, suitable for construction and equipment installation.

Grid ball mill uses:

Jinyang machinery manufacturing Grid ball mill Used for grinding various ores and other materials are widely used in mineral processing, construction and chemical industries such as national economic sectors.

Grid ball mill technical parameters:

Specifications of the dry grid ball mill
Model Diameter mm Length mm Speed r/min Effective volume Maximum amount of balls t Handling capacity t/h Motor
MQG0909 900 900 39.2 0.45 0.96 0.16~0.8 Y200L-8
MQG0918 900 1800 39.2 0.9 1.92 0.33~1.6 Y225M-8
MQG1212 1200 1200 31.33 1.1 2.4 0.16~2.6 Y250M-8
MQG1224 1200 2400 31.33 2.2 3.96 0.3~4.3 Y315S-8
MQG1515 1500 1500 29.2 2.2 5 1~3.5 JR115-8
MQG1530 1500 3000 29.2 4.4 8.6 2~6.8 JR125-8
MQG1830*6400 1830 6400 19.5 6~15 JR137-8
MQG1830*7000 1500 3000 21.5 6~16 JR138-8
MQG2430 2400 3000 20.59 11.4 22.5 7.2~9.0 YR4005-8
MQG2740 2700 4000 40 25~38 TDMK400-32
MQG2745 2700 4500 40 25~38 TDMK500-32

Note: the grid ball mill technical parameters change, then without notice

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