Fly ball

Fly ball

Product description:

First, the fly ball mill introduction:

1 Fly ball workflow

Fly Ball Mill grinding material into by Fly ball It contains a large number of fine material after grinding gray; selected again by the hoist feed powder machine sorting; sorted by subsequent fine gray ash conveying equipment into the finished library; special fly ball with a tail of dust collection system, closed dust; when the use of such closed-circuit grinding process and open circuit (no separator) systems can increase production to Taiwan compared to more than 30 to 40%, is the ideal equipment for deep processing of fly ash ground.

2, ash mill structures

JND series dedicated fly ball mill fines, from the feeding part, discharging part of the barrel portion and the work portion and a bearing, the size of the gear reducer, couplings and other transmission components, motors, electronic control part and other components .

3, will be transformed into an ordinary ball fly ball JND series

Fly ball Cylinder is generally monocular devices; for fly ash or coarse ash particle size and mixture composition and grindability; on the ball inside the device-specific fine grinding of fly ash transformation: Efficient grinding Jinyang production company equipment system transformation, making it more suitable for production of fly ash grinding process.

Fly ball Pi board parameters:
⑴ grate plate, perforated guard plate:
Casting Material: manganese-chromium alloy comb joints: 5mm
⑵ sieve frame:
Fly wear special, made of wear-resistant steel imports;
⑶ sieve:
Stamping Material: δ3mm stainless steel sieve slit: 1.2 ~ 1.5mm
⑷ standard parts: (cylinder and screen frame bolts, nuts) depending on the specifications mill

Second, the fly ball mill installation instructions:

1, the installed base of fly ash mill Description
(1) The foreign mill must be installed in a solid concrete foundation has been dried over
(2) The basis must not have a significant tilt and sink, if a little sink should be balanced and level, or can not be installed.
(3) the class of the mill foundation and the ground plane should be high enough to provide a replacement of the liner and grinding media.
(4) based design can refer to the company's basic diagram, but can not be directly used as a basis for the construction work diagram in Fig.

2. Preparation of fly ball before installation
(1) Fly ball before installing the shield must be anti-rust oil on the surface of the processing work of all parts and components and the dust and dirt falling behind in the transport removed.
(2) Check the machining work surface and thread, and should generate a defect in the process of the elimination of shipping and handling.
(3) the assembled parts should be carefully checked, if found in the transport and storage of certain parts damaged or missing, defective parts must be repaired or replaced, the loss of pieces of completion.
(4) When installing the parts machined surface contact or connection shall be lubricated fixed surface with a dry oil, active surface with a thin oil.
(5) before installation should be based on all the tanks and pits cleaned, and should do the final pouring of concrete surfaces must not have grease.
(6) should protect the friction surface, unavailable or dirty oil to cotton scrub, parts machined surface where dirt should be easily special guard and clean canvas cover.

Third, fly ball mill technical parameters:

parameter Ⅰ level ash yield (t / h) Product 45μm square hole sieve Speed ​​(r / min) Grinding loading capacity (t) Power (kw) Weight (t)
Φ1.83*7M 8 (12% 23.9 21 245
Φ2.2*7.5M 14~18 (12% 21 35~38 380 49.5
Φ2.2*9M 18~22 (12% 20.91 42~45 475 66
Φ2.4*8M 22~26 (12% 20.91 50~53 570 76.4
Φ2.4*11M 26~34 (12% 21 62~65 710 125
Φ2.6*13M 35~45 (12% 20.6 81 1000 158

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