Coal grinding mill

Coal grinding mill

Product description:

Coal grinding mill Description:

Coal grinding mill belonging efficient grinding equipment; milling equipment is essential grinding equipment; because of this pulp mill ore mine by the lattice plate discharge means discharge; Jinyang technical personnel loyal to grind coal mine carefully designed high-tech products; so called Coal grinding mill.

Coal grinding mill features:

1. Jinyang coal grinding mill drive by rolling instead of sliding bearings, friction is greatly reduced, easy to start, significant energy saving;
2. It has taken the discharge end of the cone design, so as to enhance the volume and forcing cone side of the ball grading, the closer exit, smaller ball diameter, increase the role of repeated grinding, then fine degree of material Further improve;
3. It uses the grooved ring liner, the ball ore increased contact surface, the abrasive action to strengthen and enhance the capacity of the ore there, reduced power;
4. It uses the whole frame to facilitate civil construction and equipment installation.

Coal grinding mill structure:

Coal grinding mill It consists of feeding part; discharging Department; Rotary Department; Transmission Division (reducer; small transmission gear; motor; electric control). And other major components Cast steel hollow shaft, lined with removable, rotary gear casting hobbing, the body inlaid cylinder liner wear, has good abrasion resistance. The machine running smoothly, work reliably.

Coal grinding ball mill at the discharge end of the barrel has discharge grid on the inner surface of the hollow journal bushing fitted with anti-helical blade may be spilled pulp pellets and crude ore block returns the mill. In general, the barrel 900-2100mm diameter ball mill or motor power less than 400KW persons, high starting torque and JR Y series asynchronous motor drive, in the middle and with the coupling via primary gear.

Or large-sized ball mill motor power greater than 400KW who is using a dedicated low-speed synchronous motor TDMK by pneumatic clutch and pinion gear coupled, single-stage reduction gear, driven cylinder rotated coal grinding mill use pneumatic clutch, so that the engagement smooth, do not wear clearance adjustment, transmission torque, clutch rapid, easy self-control and remote control, enabling the motor - Host segment pneumatic, reduce starting power, improve the startup conditions, and played the role of insurance overload.

Coal grinding mill shaft into double row radial spherical rod bearings, gears surrounding large modulus alloy steel helical gears, so smooth transmission, low noise, and long life. Great gear with a dry oil spray atomizer periodic quantitative The surface of the gear grease to work to achieve lubricate the cylinder diameter 900-2100mm mill main bearings with spherical bush bearings, cylinder diameter of 2100mm or more is a fully enclosed self-aligning bit 120;.. shake rod bearings or hybrid bearing, that the mill before starting high voltage jacking Rotary Department, maintained for several minutes, the high voltage stop, but after the ball started, hydrodynamic lubrication, hydrodynamic oil film is formed, so that the starting current is greatly reduced, installed power also a corresponding reduction in main bearing piston ring seal, with axial strips and grease to achieve a good seal.

Coal grinding mill main technical parameters:

No. specification Cylinder body The maximum loading capacity weight Dimensions
(L * W * H)
Motor (kw)
the inside diameter of length Effective volume ore Ball
(Mm) (Mm) (m3 ) (t) (t) (t) (m)
1 1500*1500 1500 1500 2.2 5 13.7 37
2 2100*3000 2100 3000 9 20 50.6 210
3 2400*3000 2400 3000 12 3.5 25 57.36 9.3 * 5.6 * 4.54 380
4 2700*4000 2700 4000 20 45 86 400
5 3200*3100 3200 3200 21.9 47 104 8.06 * 6.4 * 5.5 800
6 4000*6700 4000 6700 75.95 19.6 139.8 235.9 15.6 * 8.43 * 7.1 1350

Coal grinding mill maintenance:

1; coal grinding mill machine bearing shoulder the entire load; so good lubrication of the bearing life of a great relationship; it directly affects the life and operation of the mill rate; thus requiring injection of oil must be cleaned; seal must be good ; at the machine's main oiling
(1) Turn bearing (2) roller bearing (3) all gears (4) activities bearings, sliding plane.
2, the newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked.
3, to observe the various parts of the mill is working properly.
4, pay attention to check the degree of wear parts wear, and pay attention to replacement of worn parts.
5, put the active device chassis plane should remove dust and other things in order to avoid the machine base is not usually encountered in activities bearing on the chassis can not move, so as to cause a serious accident.
6, bearing temperature rise, should immediately stop check the reason to eliminate them.
7, the rotation of the gear in operation should be immediately stopped if the impact of sound check and eliminate the fault.

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