Copper slag mill

Copper slag mill

Product description:

Copper slag mill Description:

Jinyang Copper slag mill Mainly for the production of non-ferrous metal separation tailings operations for sorting copper smelting slag, iron slag, slag, stainless steel slag, high-speed steel slag, ferronickel slag, lead and zinc slag sorting fast grinding to completely separate role.

The ball mill is a horizontal cylinder rotating mechanism, gear reducer drive copper slag lattice-type ball mill. Material from the feed device output hollow shaft spiral evenly into the mill cylinder body, the cylinder internal surrounded by high manganese steel liner, different contents specifications steel ball, rotating cylinder produces centrifugal force to the ball a certain height After the fall, have severe impact on the material and abrasive, after grinding to achieve the necessary requirements for the discharge of material through the discharge grate plate to complete the copper slag sorting operations.

Copper slag mill structure:

Copper slag mill It consists of feeding part; discharging Department; Rotary Department; Transmission Division (reducer; small transmission gear; motor; electric control). And other major components Cast steel hollow shaft, lined with removable, rotary gear casting hobbing, the body inlaid cylinder liner wear-resistant high manganese steel, has good abrasion resistance, Jinyang copper slag mill running smoothly, work reliably.

Copper slag mill Abstract:

Copper slag processing method to copper slag as raw material, copper slag mill production process after the level of copper slag crushing operations through conveyor vibration feeder quantitative directly into the ball mill grinding, after grinding through the 6-S shaker Higher separation operations performed, the final copper particles and copper powder recycling. tailings can be used for asphalt concrete surface layer material for highway pavement, copper slag truly zero emissions, completely solve the environmental pollution caused by copper slag .

Copper slag mill startup shutdown Note:

(A) driving method
1, copper slag mill factory specification must be checked one by one before the operation, confirming that no failure, only for the car ready.
2, check lubrication points and the lubrication system situation is normal.

3; After the lubrication system normal; jigger check blockade phenomenon (normal; flip the ball; about inertial rotation).
4, on duty full-time staff positions contact dispatchers, dispatcher to contact power transmission substation.
5, put thyristor excitation regulator device that adjusts to voltage 50V, current 100A.
6, staff positions strictly confirm 'allow start' signal before starting.
7, confirm 'allow start' after the signal, moving control of the control switch on the box to 'switch on' position, the starter mill running.

(B) the parking method
1, parking in front, stop and turn off the water to the mine gate.
2, mill slag inside to be processed, before parking.
3, after the machine slag processing is complete, move the control lever on the control box to 'OPEN' position and inform the dispatcher, dispatchers notify substation power outage.
(C) Operation Notes
1. Run the lubrication system failure due to the synchronous machine had reason load caused by excitation device automatically stop, the operator should first control handle moved 'OPEN' position and then notify the relevant personnel inspection, troubleshooting.
2, the operation response check ammeter, signal indication, bearing lubrication and motor temperature and so on.

Copper slag mill technical parameters:

Specifications Model Speed ​​of bucket (r / min) Weight of ball (t) Feeding Size (mm) The particle size (mm) Yield (t / h) Motor power (kw) Weight (t)
Ф900*2100 36~38 1.5 0-15 0.075-0.8 1-3 18.5 4.9
Ф1200*2800 36 3.5 0-20 0.075-0.8 2-5 30 12.5
Ф1500*3500 29.7 7.5 0-20 0.075-0.8 5-8.8 75 16.5
Ф1830*3500 25.4 13 0-25 0.075-0.8 10-13 130 30
Ф2100*3600 23.7 18 0-25 0.075-0.8 15-18 180 37
Ф2700*3600 20.7 40 0-25 0.075-0.8 20-25 400 86

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