Supply | Crystal car models | model cars gift Crystal laser | Crystal car model wholesale

Supply | Crystal car models | model cars gift Crystal laser | Crystal car model wholesale

Product description:

Custom processing: Material: k9 Dimensions: 180 * 60 * 70 (mm)
Brand: Cari Cary Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotions; business gifts; housewarming; birthday; memorial awards; fairs; anniversary celebration; opening ceremony Printed LOGO: can

Pujiang Kerui Crystal Factory is a crystal engraving, crystal-pressure based production factory. Production of crystal car model, crystal crafts, industrial accessories, crystal engraving, crystal-pressure

The factory has been implementing the honesty, competitive prices, mutual benefit and win, praised by customers. Welcome to the new and old customers call to map-like inquiry.

Handmade crystal car model crafts; the company opened; automotive outlets Peugeot; government agencies; presented gifts to friends and family first

1, the product is physical picture is taken, may be due to other reasons the shooting environment, resulting pictures are not clear or is not a realistic situation, please buyers understand if necessary pieces to buy this product, please communicate with us online or telephone after It does confirm.

2, similar to this product, there are other paintings pattern, we also receives customers to tailor comp or samples, welcome buyers to discuss the order.

3, but for this subsection product is pure hand painting gifts, so the same paragraph style pattern can not guarantee each exactly the same, please buyers understand.

4, Crystal size can also be customized according to customer needs.

5, Welcome new and old customers come to discuss the order.

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