Food grade sodium polyacrylate

Food grade sodium polyacrylate

Product description:

Sodium polyacrylate is a polymer compound having a hydrophilic group, white powder, odorless and tasteless. Slowly dissolve in water to form a very viscous clear solution viscosity of 0.5% solution of about 1000cp, unlike its viscosity CMC and alginate As the sodium swelling, but because many ion phenomenon intramolecular anionic group of the molecule chain extender, to form a high apparent viscosity increases viscous solution. viscosity of about sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), sodium alginate 15 -20 times, alkali resistance, Jiucun small viscosity change, corruption is not easy.

The main purpose for example as follows:

  1. Pasta industry : Sodium polyacrylate in instant noodles, noodles, all kinds of special flour, baked goods and other flour products, raw flour with enhanced adhesion protein, soluble starch and nutrients to prevent leakage, improve dough extensibility and raw materials aging utilization, improve the taste and flavor of bread and other food control caused by natural drying; sodium polyacrylate in fried instant noodles and other food processing, enabling convenient high gluten, bite foot, Naizhu, resistant foam, not muddy soup in the raw material composition stably dispersed oil to the dough, lower oil absorption rate, saving oil, with about 0.2-0.5%.

  2. Beverage industry : An aqueous solution of sodium polyacrylate having a good drawing because of its effect, often used in cold food core feed and beverage products, brushed, and 0.55% guar gum, konjac gum and carrageenan (4:11 mixture) 0.15%, polyacrylic acid 0.2% sodium compound can be used to make ice cream products have brushed sense, as complex emulsion stabilizer ingredient component, may replace part of guar gum, CMC, xanthan gum, gelatin, etc., serve to strengthen the effectiveness and reduce costs role.

  3. Meat industry : Sodium polyacrylate used in the manufacture of artificial meat, improve and extend the viscoelasticity of protein fibers, increasing sensuality and reduce costs.

  4. Frozen food : Because sodium polyacrylate role in water conservation hydrophilic group brought to inhibit moisture loss caused due to freeze-drying, adding 0.03-0.05 ‰ sodium polyacrylate in frozen foods to prevent food freezing, processing, transport, refrigerated and sold in heating consumption in cracking process, but also as fish, meat and other frozen food, aquatic products Preservation 'glaze'.

  5. Other food industry : In the sweet potatoes, corn, oats, potatoes, etc. noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli products, sodium polyacrylate can improve muscle strength products, increase Naizhu, but also as jams, tomato sauce, jelly, juice, pudding, ice cream, flavoring sauce and soy sauce thickener and stabilizer, with about 0.2-0.5%.

  6. Cosmetics industry : Starting sodium polyacrylate thickening in cosmetics, dispersion, suspension, and so it contributes to stabilization of cosmetics thickening, foaming, stability, emulsification, dispersion, adhesion, water retention, and the like to play the film forming properties.

  7. Toothpaste manufacturing: Adding sodium polyacrylate toothpaste can play a significant bond teach; shaping function; therefore replace sodium polyacrylate better uniformity; it seemed bright toothpaste squeezed slip; fine; with insulation; solid incense; washing and temperature and other effects .

  8. Tobacco industry: Sodium polyacrylate can play a role in the production of tobacco sheet bonding, to reduce the cost of tobacco have a certain effect. In addition, you can also be used as cigarette paper binder.

The use of methods and precautions:
Dissolution Method: To a stirred solution of water (preferably with soft water) was slowly added uniformly sodium polyacrylate powder (Note: Do not join a lot; and the powder should be thrown into the water weighed; it does not want to pour water powder; otherwise cooked micelles is generated; difficult to dissolve) and stirred until dissolved into a uniform solution, the solution concentration is generally 0.1-0.5% dissolution time of about 0.5 hours if the instant noodle production, solvent should be avoided with a good solution. saline contact solution and brine were added to flour should (ratio: 1 cubic meter of water about 1 kg of sodium polyacrylate). (Test 1 liter of distilled water plus 1 gram sample) test method and the user can adjust the amount according to their own conditions.
Packing: This product is easy to absorb moisture attention archived.
Kraft paper bag lined with plastic sealed bag, net weight 25 kg. Avoid sun and rain during storage, moisture and heat shelf life of 18 months.