Farmland aquasorb

Farmland aquasorb

Product description:

Agriculture and forestry aquasorb Application Notes

Aquasorb is an important scientific and technological achievements 863 countries, which is non-toxic products, with absorbent, water retention capacity large, long period features. Aquasorb can absorb hundreds of times more than its own weight of water in a very short period of time , into a gel state, like 'jelly' as the water stored up in plant roots long maintained constant humidity, slow released pending drought, no rain, for plant uptake and utilization, plant roots is called 'mini reservoir'.

Aquasorb absorb and retain moisture have the role of water after countless times can release water, absorbing enough water to withstand 2-3 months of continuous drought, the rain again after the release of water-absorbent, repeatedly reused for up to 3--5 years and degradation of fertilizers, due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers caused by land compaction will be improved.

For Arid Regions: No matter how the drought can make plants grow normally; save the poor harvests caused by dry can be poured from the root; crops; non-arid region: long-term roots of water, 20-90 days without watering! reduce watering frequency by more than 10 times to save dig trenches built pool, all it takes to buy a machine to burn oil, water, etc. hire.

You can also fertilizers; pesticides administered together play a synergistic effect of slow-release fertilizer enhancement; utilization of pesticides; thus 30% reduction in fertilizer use , The survival rate of the crop 90% Above, increased yield 30%-50% .

Per acre crop insurance agent by the use of three kilograms dollars. Administering a 3-year The average per acre as long as tens of dollars per year. From 30% reduction of the amount of fertilizers Perspective: Use aquasorb substantially without increasing investment aquasorb is the second fertilizer; pesticide; film after the important scientific and technological achievements; revolutionary role in the agricultural and forestry production; will be favored by the majority of farmers!!

Usage and Dosage



The amount of

Instruction manual

sugar cane




Dry: 3 ~ 5 kg / mu

(Generally 3kg / acre is sufficient)

The plant drought insurance agent with fertilizers and soil mixing fine; evenly applied into the trench or cavity; the trench with soil after watering hole filled; on particularly dry place; flooding may be a gel; Zaishi around the roots of the plant


Powder: 3 kg / mu

The plant drought insurance agent and fertilizer and fine soil mix, placed around the roots of plants

Melon category

Dry: 3 ~ 5 kg / mu

Subject to the crown of the projection, the projection along its edges to dig a ditch or long circular pit depth subject to section roots, the plants drought insurance agent and fertilizer and soil from the ditch 10-500px facilities into the mix at the ditch , after sufficient irrigation to ditch filled.

Fruit (young)

Fruit (adult)


Dry: 20 ~ 35 g / strain

Dry: 30g / strain

Note: 1. water absorbent gel after swelling in doubt, do not set it to the sewer to prevent clogging.

2. Pay attention to moisture, after taking sealed in a dry dark preservation, if agglomeration can also use rubbing open.

3. This product does not have built water features, well-watered only by rain or the like effect after application, or you can be full of water absorption at home and get fat and then administered the ground, so quickly took effect.

4. Do not be applied to the surface, to be applied to the roots of crops, water retention agents and fertilizers mixed application effect is remarkable.