Product description:

Type of the products:
AD-B-920DS (100#)
Product name:
Electronic double door safe
High wide 740 * 430 * deep 380mm
Product color:
Product materials:

※ High quality cold-rolled steel plate

Product weight:
Standard configuration:
※ The shelf piece; The drawer; 5# 4 batteries; Expansion screws two; Specification; External power supply;
Price (RMB):

It's $ 1880

Product features:
* The electronic Panel is like a piece of mirror; New fashion; Rich looking and beautiful;
* Electronic code keys is durable for ergonomic;
* High-decibel alarm Horn; If implemented on a thief stealing; Safe loud alarms to permit your property;
* Box frame with high strength steel welded;
* Electronic panels, and beautiful;
*LCD/LED LCD 1-8 digits password input;
* Blue backlight;
* High quality anti drill lock, Rotate clockwise to open door;
* Have emergency locks and external power supply;
* Password hidden code;
* Automatic and vibration alarm setting function;
* Date and set the clock function;
* Open record query capabilities;
* The Ministry of public security detection qualified products;
※ Easy to place it in a dry and dark environment; Surface plastic powder can be easily shed the wet environment leads to rust; Plastic powders sensitive to ultraviolet rays; Fade effect appearance; You can clean with a damp cloth; Then use a dry cloth to clean; Is not easy to clean parts available toothpaste clean;
※ Note:
※ Product specifications are subject to change without notice!

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