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Product name: Five-piece sliding door Cabinet

Type of the products:
Product name:
Five-piece sliding door Cabinet
Main material:
Level in Baosteel cold rolling steel plate
Product color:
International Matt gray
Dimensions (height =H width =W depth =D):

1. H1800*W900*D400mm
2. H1850*W900*D400mm

Product style:

Glass sliding door in the previous section; An adjustable layer boards; Next door; Two-tier adjustable layer and five drawer;


• Adopt the rolling high-quality 1mm thick cold rolled steel (non standard sizes and thickness can be customized)
• Surface treatment, environmental protection, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.
• Locks, handles, hinges and other accessories with brand-name products, durable and not easily damaged.
• Surface using international pipeline operations, decontamination, pickling, phosphating, drying, spray, 12 procedures, ensuring that after a long time, returned product does not rust, does not fall off.

Product features:
• AIDU love product, from production to packaging of finished products are professional quality rigorous testing, to ensure that manufactured products to 100% qualified, and according to the product management, product quality rate is above 97%.
• Each of the products have to undergo a rigorous market testing, from structure to the appearance of the products are in line with the principle of artificial, ensuring ease of use and speed, while some products also have a privacy and security.
• Cabinet baffles are adjustable, minimum regulation 2cm, and according to the use you need to add separators.
• The lock is used alone, each has a special key locks configuration using Spring lock, ensure that the lock between the open rate of less than 0.01%; Pull the hand made for ASB engineering plastic molding, used for a long time, no distortion, fading, in a variety of temperatures and humidity to maintain resilience.
Acceptance criteria:
• Send to packaging intact, Cabinet surface is smooth without deformation, bumps, scratches, and so on.
• Welding firm; No welding; Openly welded; Removal of welding phenomena
• Surface coating is smooth, inside and outside of the Cabinet without the Pan-Green, powder accumulation, protruding, impurity and so on.
• Locks, drawer Rails opens smoothly, lightweight, noise-free, without stumbling, and so on.
Care instructions:
Love steel furniture care instructions:
1, please avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight and humid;
2; Do not use alcohol to clean the stain; Prevent aging;
3; Wipe your furniture with fresh milk; Make it more shiny and smooth;
4; If your furniture is stained with the following substances; Please clear:
Grease stains: with warm soapy water to clean, and then erase with an eraser;
Ballpoint pens-oil: the eraser erase;
Beer; Baking soda; Coffee: first with warm water after the dry, then wipe with water;
Chewing gum: ice first froze it after the take off;
Cream: dry with a dry cloth after the first, and then wipe clean with a little detergent.

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