Product description:

product name: bookshelf

product number:
product name:
Bookshelf (a two)
The main material:
Baosteel a cold-rolled steel material, spraying surface, large capacity, beautiful and stylish.
Product Usage:
Suitable for enterprises, institutions and library reference room, file room, sample room to store books, files, financial documents, goods and the like.
Product color:
International matt gray
Product Dimensions (H = H width = W deep = D):

• H2000 * W900 * D450 / 2 columns / 6 layers ( product available )

Product styles:

A two designs, six-layer structure; two-sided;

Material Technology:

※ using a cold-rolled steel sheet after cutting; punching; bending; welding; assembled;
※ Surface electrostatic powder spray; environmental non-toxic odorless; clean and smooth;
※ AutoCAD aided design; reasonable structure; positioning accuracy; well-made; ergonomic;
※ can demand free combination;
※ degreasing, phosphate and other nine stations before treatment, to ensure that the film is not easy to fall off, and weather resistance.


※ love all Shelves according to the National Archives DA / T7-92 file Shelves Book Shelves industry standards and national standards GBTl3667.3-2003 development and production for enterprises, institutions and library reference room, file room, sample room and other store books, files, financial documents, loaded with new cargo;
※ plug assembly structure, can be freely combined, height can be adjusted according to demand, appearance, artificial convenient access to goods, incorporate features significantly.
※ When not be completely demolished, do not take place, in addition to human or weapon intentional damage, generally not easy to wear, long-term use.

Acceptance Criteria:
※ When sent to packaging intact, the cabinet surface is smooth and no deformation, bump, scratch and so on.
※ welding parts firm; no open welding; weld; sealing off phenomenon
※ smooth surface coating, inside and outside the cabinet without Fan Qing, accumulated powder, bumps, impurities and so on.
※ locks, drawer guides and other open smoothly, lightweight, no noise, no stumbles and so on.
Care instructions:
Estoril steel series of furniture care instructions use:
1. Please avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight and humid place;
2; Do not use alcohol to clean the stains; prevent over-aging products;
3; Wipe your furniture with milk; may make it more glossy soft;
4; such as when your furniture stained with the following substances; please legally clear:
Grunge: first with warm soapy water, and then the eraser out to;
Pen oil: with an eraser to wipe;
Beer; Soda; Coffee: First with warm water dry, then wipe with water can;
Chewing gum: First to the ice so that it can be removed after solidification;
Cream: First dry with a dry cloth, then wipe with a little detergent.

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