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  • AD-G-104
Product code: 17207300001
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product name: Partial three measures of double cabinet

product number:
product name:
Partial three measures of double cabinet
The main material:
Baosteel a cold-rolled steel
Product color:
International matt gray
Product Dimensions (H = H width = W deep = D):

• H1800 * W900 * D400mm
• H1850 * W900 * D400mm (• Special shelf )

Product styles:

Upper door containing a shelf; the middle of three small drawers open a box; the lower door;

Material Technology:

• The main use of Baosteel a high-quality 0.7mm thick cold-rolled steel (non-standard size and thickness can be customized according to the specific requirements)
• Surface spray treatment, environmental protection, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.
• Locks, handles, hinges and other accessories using branded products, durable, easy to damage.
• surface spray using internationally accepted pipeline operations, products through decontamination, pickling, phosphating, drying, spraying, etc. 12 processes, to ensure that after prolonged use, the product does not return to rust inside surface does not fall off.

• AIDU love all products, from production to finished product packaging have professional strict quality control testing to ensure that products manufactured 100% qualified and according to product management requirements, so that product quality rate of more than 97%.
• Each of the products have to undergo a rigorous market testing, product appearance from the structure to comply with ergonomic principles, to ensure ease of use and fast, while some products also have privacy and security.
• File cabinet baffle can be adjusted freely, adjust the minimum spacing 2cm, and may need to add a separator according to use.
• Lock is used alone, each has a special key to lock the configuration, multi-spring lock cylinder to ensure interoperability between locks open rate of less than 0.01%; pull the hand of ASB plastic molding production, prolonged use, no distortion, fading, at various temperatures, humidity can maintain toughness.
Acceptance Criteria:
• When sent to packaging intact, the cabinet surface is smooth and no deformation, bump, scratch and so on.
• welding parts firm; no open welding; weld; sealing off phenomenon
• smooth surface coating, inside and outside the cabinet without Fan Qing, accumulated powder, bumps, impurities and so on.
• Locks, drawer guides and other open smoothly, lightweight, no noise, no stumbles and so on.
Care instructions:
Estoril steel series of furniture care instructions use:
1. Please avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight and humid place;
2; Do not use alcohol to clean the stains; prevent over-aging products;
3; Wipe your furniture with milk; may make it more glossy soft;
4; such as when your furniture stained with the following substances; please legally clear:
Grunge: first with warm soapy water, and then the eraser out to;
Pen oil: with an eraser to wipe;
Beer; Soda; Coffee: First with warm water dry, then wipe with water can;
Chewing gum: First to the ice so that it can be removed after solidification;
Cream: First dry with a dry cloth, then wipe with a little detergent.

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