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Siemens CPU221

Siemens CPU221
  • Siemens CPU221
Product code: 17200200001
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  • Rich instruction set:
    Rich instruction

    • Basic Operations; such as binary logic operations; the result assignment; storage; count; generating a time; loading; transmission; compare; displacement; cyclic shift; generating a complement; subroutine call (with local variables)

    • Integrated communication instructions (eg S7-200 Communication (read network (NETR), write network (NETW) or Freeport (sending XMT, receiving RCV)

    • User-friendly features, such as pulse duration modulation, pulse sequence function, arithmetic functions, floating point arithmetic, PID loop control, jump functions, loop functions and code conversions are making programming tasks can be simplified.

  • count:
    User-friendly counting functions with integrated counter and speed counter instructions to the user opens up new fields of application.

  • Interrupt handling:

    • Edge-triggered interrupts (triggered by the rising or falling edge of the process signal) allows for extremely fast response to process interrupts.

    • Timer interrupt can be set to: 1ms-255ms, interval 1ms.

    • When the counter reaches the set value or change of direction, it can trigger counter interrupt.

    • Communication makes it possible to quickly and easily interrupt such as printers or bar code readers to exchange information with the surrounding equipment

  • Input / output direct inquiry and drivers:
    It can also scan for input and output, and is independent of the cycle time is set directly on the process controller can quickly respond to events (for example; when an interrupt occurs; direct reset output).

  • Password protection:
    3 password protection, effectively ensure the security of user access to proprietary technology for the user program, there are several protection schemes:

    • Full access: The program can be easily changed.

    • Read-only: Unauthorized can not modify the program can be tested, set system parameters and copying the program.

    • Fully protected: You can not modify, copy program can read and set parameters without authorization.

  • Test and diagnostic functions:
    Easy-to-use features to support testing and diagnostics: Using a definable number of cycles to perform and analyze the whole program up to big internal arguments within 124 cycles, such as bit memory, timers or counters simultaneously recorded.

  • The process of testing and diagnostic operation of inputs and outputs 'Force':
    May independently set the input and output in the cycle, for example, can detect the user program.


STEP 7-Micro / WIN V4 can be programmed for all S7-200 CPU.


You can not use STEP 7-Micro / DOS on the CPU 221 can be programmed. If programmed via PG / PC's serial port, you need an additional PC / PPI cable. When using STEP 7 Micro / Win32 V3 programming through SIMATIC CP 5511 or CP 5611 programming, as well as by programming the MPI interface programming. In this case the maximum transmission rate of 187.5 kbps.