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〓 '2 used 30 loader + market '

〓 '2 used 30 loader + market '
  • 〓 '2 used 30 loader + market '
  • 〓 '2 used 30 loader + market '
Product code: 17199800001
Unit price: 80000 CNY  (11643.31 USD)
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Shanghai extension second-hand construction machinery market supply brand loaders/forklifts:

(Forest brand) secondary forest ZLM15B loader/second-hand Changlin ZLM18B loader/second-hand Changlin ZLM30E loader/second-hand Changlin ZLM50E loader/second-hand Changlin ZLM50E clips hold loader.

(Brand) used temporary workers ZL30F wheel loader/second-hand/933 loader used temporary workers 953 loader.

(LIUGONG brand) second-hand Liugong ZL15E loader/second-hand Liugong loader ZL30E/second-hand Liugong 836 loader/second-hand Liugong ZL50C loader/second-hand Liugong ZL50D loader/second-hand Liugong ZL50E loader/second-hand Liugong loader ZL50G/second-hand Liugong loader 852/second-hand Liugong loader 855/second-hand Liugong 856 loader.

(Dragon brand) long 818 loaders, second-hand/used long 820/920 loader/long ZL30F wheel loader, used/secondhand lonking 833 wheel loader/long ZL50D loaders, second-hand/used long ZL50EX loader/long 853 loaders, used/secondhand lonking 855 long 855B loader, loader and second hand.

(Brand) used xiagong loader XG932-II/used xiagong loader XG951/used xiagong loader XG953/used xiagong loader XG955

(Xcmg brand) second-hand xcmg LW320F wheel loader/second-hand xcmg LW321F wheel loader/second-hand xcmg LW520F wheel loader/second-hand xcmg LW540F wheel loader/second-hand xcmg LW541F wheel loader.

-15 of them six or seven new models price price from twenty thousand or thirty thousand, eight or nine new price thirty thousand or forty thousand, 30 model six or seven new price fifty thousand or sixty thousand, eight or nine new price eighty thousand or ninety thousand, 50, of six or seven new price eighty thousand or ninety thousand, about eight or nine new price of 440,000.