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Cloud Art carved sludge card, hand-done material, AB water, 8012AB glue

Cloud Art carved sludge card, hand-done material, AB water, 8012AB glue
  • Cloud Art carved sludge card, hand-done material, AB water, 8012AB glue
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Carved sludge: Widely used in handicrafts, metal Shouban, plastics, automotive, unitary motorcycles, television sets, crafts, and other models of the sculpture, malleable properties, uses: 1. Delicate texture hard at room temperature, can be crafted. Gifts for prototyping, industrial design model making. 2. Temperature sensitive, tepid patch can be softened or shaping. 3. New carved thin soil temperature can be softened by hand, shaping simple, suitable for classroom teaching assignments. 4. Left the, not contraction, cleaner than the soil Head guitar precision, high precision, handicrafts industry is a good material to use prototyping essentials: 1. New carved thin soil temperature can be kneaded by hand-shaped. 2. Two hot glue a hair dryer to soften the available surface and then laminated. 3. Chunks of very hard after shaping, such as the need to re-shaping the heat-resistant plastic bags available, soak in hot water or electricity installed in the barrel into the pot to soften, as long as the plug-in electric rice cooker, do not turn on the water, holding a half to soften hours Model: 220 Gram / Tablets, Packaging: 100 sheet / Boxes, each piece size: 375px / 200px / 37.5px , Origin: Taiwan, China Main: Fimo clay, Cloud Art carved sludge, potassium soap, anti cement, clay sculpture students, professional sculpture tools, mold clay, plasticine, clay hand-done, six cement, head knot soil, mold clay, sculpture tools, pressure mud machine, electric oven, silicone, plastic mold, silicone, silicone oil, two potassium-based silicone, high temperature silicone oil. KF-96 Silicone resin, unsaturated resin, a transparent resin, glass Lishui. AB Plastic, green and red AB Plastic, transparent AB glue, AB Water, model glue
100 sheet / box 200 Gram / sheet
Each piece Size:
375px / 200px / 37.5px

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