Flow indicator

Flow indicator

Product description:

product name: Saddle
product number: ZSJZ 50-200
Product Features: Automatic sprinkler system auxiliary alarm device
product information:

Automatic sprinkler system auxiliary alarm device. Effects usually installed on the system the district water distribution mains or distribution mains, water flow can convert the signal into an electrical signal, monitoring the implementation of the system, the alarm. The flow directions is made ​​up of body, micro-switches, paddles, flange ( or thread) tee and so on. when the fire broke out in a district system, spray nozzle, the signal is converted to the water flowing in the pipe network for signal output, Biography to block or control center fire position, to achieve regional alarm. when the nozzle stop water, paddles and automatically reset to the servo status and alarm disappears.

Installation Connection


Nominal Diameter (mm)

Rated working pressure (Mpa)

Delay time (s)

Sensitivity (L / min)

Contact rating



DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100.

DN125; DN150; DN200; DN250


2 ~ 90


AC220V / 5A

DC240V / 3A