Foam fire me

Foam fire me

Product description:

About PMZ type AFFF fire box is a new, high efficiency and low expansion foam fixed fire extinguishing system. When the pressure of water through the proportion of the mixer, make water and foam liquid mixing ratio prescribed by the foam gun foam to fight the blaze organic solids category, type of fire can melt the solid, especially for extinguishing wood, cotton and oil fires more special performance.

Composition structure

Foam fire box mainly by the cabinet; foam concentrate tank; proportioner; bubble gun; hose reel (fire hose) for foam liquid valves, piping and alarm consisting PMZ series plug box is made of high quality steel. inner and outer surfaces are made of epoxy polyester powder coating, coating adhesion is good, bright and smooth, elegant, general collision will not fall off. foam concentrate tank made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant.


When foam fire box when the fire when there are not less than 0.35MPa pressure water flowing at high speed foam fire box of pipelines and pipeline proportioner, because the diffusion of the lateral movement of the jet particle, proportioner indoor forming a vacuum (negative pressure), then foam liquid foam concentrate in the tank at atmospheric pressure into the mixer through a pipette, and the pressure of water are mixed, and ultimately achieve a certain percentage of the mixture. When the mixture has a certain pressure so that when the foam mixture flowing foam gun so as to achieve the effect of extinguishing foam.


The main technical parameters
Model Specifications PSG • (• the tank capacity L)
The mixing ratio% 3
Mixture flow L / min 30-70
Tank capacity Generally 30L, according to user requirements set for.
Effective range m ≥6
Expansion ratio ≥6
Hose length m 25
Water pressure MPa 0.4-0.8

Using the Operation

When used out of the box hit the door, remove the foam gun and then open the valve, pipe network water through proportioner was mixed with foam fire extinguishing foam from a foam gun discharged liquid when canned nuts can be fixed and canned foam tank top to bottom liquid outlet connection brass relieved, remove the tank installation foam concentrate.


1) Canned agents: the device, the user must purchase the same type of foam concentrate to supplement canned equipment should be placed in a cool, ventilated, easy access in and out of the premises 2) storage when not in use this device, you should re-annually. check whether the deterioration of the quality of a foam concentrate, if found deterioration should be replaced. 3) Check the pipes and valves, the timely replacement of cracked hose (hose), seals. 4) ready for use, it should be cleaned fire hose (hose) and dried and then wrapped it in the device reel 5) to make the device work in a good state of quality fire and foam concentrate tank; should be cleaned once every three years to open.


Bolt box installation; according to the requirements of the building; can take the whole concealed; semi-concealed or surface mounted form