Foam fire

Foam fire

Product description:

Dragons foam fire There are two 65MM diameter of the outlet for connecting fire hoses to release air foam mixture using a mobile air if the fire extinguishing foam cannon can connect both a liquid outlet; if only one fluid outlet extinguishing foam with air gun may be another liquid outlet sealed to prevent leakage, so as not to affect the flow pressure. should be used to connect the hose and spray equipment to open the valve, the valve should pay attention to the switching direction. foam fire is generally installed place in missed days, the perennial love the sun and rain, the appearance of paint falling vulnerable to erosion, loss, resulting in the appearance of rust, so to regular maintenance, to prolong life.

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Foam fire Features: Fast switching; Light; is a new creativity to improve and enhance the traditional fire hydrant on; sealing the lower valve plate; the help of the media itself can have a pressure seal; the higher the pressure seal as possible; in particular apply foam fire line; good lubrication chamber design: The main components made of highly corrosion resistant materials, while the main component in the fuel tank, always be able to get adequate lubrication for a long time do not care and will not rust, cards. live., its foam mixture switch with a stainless steel ball valve, ensure open freely.

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Foam fire extinguishing foam is an important device in the system, especially for large area has produced a fire hazard flammable liquids and combustible liquids, storage and use of premises. Foam fire mainly by the flange, cylinder, valve, inscribed , fire control teeth and cover components. ground foam fire hydrant according to flange interface is divided into PSS80-65X2, PSS100-65X2, PSS150-65X2 three models. foam fire rated working pressure is within the range of 1.6MPa.

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Foam fire equipment in the important places for petrochemical companies, refineries, storage tank farms, hangars, etc. installed in the foam mixture in charge of money on equipment supplied to the bubble jet foam mixture of a special fire-fighting equipment.