Fire water cannons

Fire water cannons

Product description:

Use features fire water cannons to water as the medium, long-distance extinguish fire extinguishing equipment. The gun used in petrochemical companies, storage tank area, hangars, warehouses, ports, garage and other places, is the ideal vehicle fire truck fire gun.

1, the water supply system

Mainly composed of water, fire pumps, high pressure tank or regulator device, pumps and piping adapter, whose aim is to give the means to provide rapid, adequate water.

2. Execution System

By the fire-fighting equipment, the middle of the power supply unit, automatic fire alarm devices, actuators, namely, when the fire occurred, fire-fighting and alarm actions related components.

3, the control system

The linkage control cabinet and regional control box; system power controller; computer fire (video) surveillance system components aimed at the implementation of water supply systems and control systems, flexible implementation manual, a variety of automatic and scene, the fire center. operation until the effective completion of the discovery of fire to extinguish the fire and a series of actions. and enable automatic tracking jet fire extinguishing system and automatic fire alarm directly connected to the center via the input module and the input and output modules, ensure the integrity of the fire alarm system.[1]


Fire water cannon artillery fire by the body, the scene controllers which combines micro-control technology, infrared sensor detection technology, mechanical rotation control technology, image transmission technology, automatically find the ignition point to pinpoint the source of fire extinguished quickly and effectively; according to auto ignition point distance DC columnar or spray water jet falls to pieces formula, effective fire while protecting the personal and property safety; with manual operation control and image display; can be forced to start probing the fire interlock signal source according to other fire alarm systems; dual-band infrared Detection technology in the effective detection of the fire source environment while improving anti-interference ability;. and can be ground sensitivity parameter setting and commissioning performance characteristics, flow, long range, extinguished early fire more quickly; 2, the rotation mechanism has a clutch function is active motor protection; 3, with electric operation columnar / mist nozzle; 4, dual-band detection effectively improve anti-jamming capability; 5, with the field manual manual control function; 6, with a live picture image transmission function; 7, with the other fire alarm system linkage function; 8, a field ground sensitivity parameter settings, easy debugging; 9, can remote control up to a maximum 1200 m; 10, light weight, compact structure, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Flow (L / S) Range (M) Working Pressure (Mpa) Weight (Kg) Connecting flange
20 ≥48 0.8-1.0 ≤35 DN80
25 ≥50
30 ≥55
40 ≥60
50 ≥65
60 ≥70 0.9-1.2 ≤45 DN100
70 ≥75
80 ≥80
Large Space fire industry currently has not issued national standards, the manufacturers are not the same for each device model, more commonly used 5L / S, 10L / S, 20L / S, 30L / S.

Edit this paragraph Maintenance

1, the gun should be used within the operating pressure range. 2, should always check the gun's integrity and operational flexibility found loose fasteners, should be repaired, so that the gun has been in good condition. 3, when the water jet operation, Loosen the lock screw and adjust the direction and angle of spray guns good, then raised to the pressure to be used. 4, rotating jet adjustment ring to achieve water tributaries converted into bloom, or will blossom into DC. 5, each After use, you should spray water for some time, and then put the net inside the water cannon. 6, the gun moving parts should always add lubricant to ensure flexible rotation. 7, when the ejection, the muzzle must not stand in front of people. 8, gun Fight energized equipment can not be used, to avoid electric shock. 9, the non-working state, the gun should be set to horizontal, and covered with a tarpaulin.