Wet alarm valve

Wet alarm valve

Product description:

product name: ZSFZ type wet alarm valve
product number: ZSFZ100 / 125/150/200
Product Features: Wet automatic fire extinguishing system
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Wet alarm valve device and other components (such as pressure switch; flow indicator; sprinklers, etc.) ZS wet automatic sprinkler system consisting of a fixed fire extinguishing system widely used in the system it is full pressure water pipe network, long-term use. working conditions, suitable for 4 °C~ 70 ° C ambient temperature use (and refer to the vertical can be mounted vertically), when the fire broke out somewhere within the protected area; the ambient temperature rises; nozzle temperature sensitive components (glass ball) is broken, the system will automatically start the nozzle spray water directly sprayed into the fire area, and an alarm signal to reach the police, fire, fire control purpose.

Model Specifications





Nominal Diameter (mm)





Rated working pressure (MPa)


Strength test pressure (MPa)


Operation flow (L / min)

15 (Q (60

Delay time (s)

5 (t (90

Friction (MPa)


Bell Loudness (DBCA)

) 80