230W Moving Head Beam Light Moving Head WS-PH006

230W Moving Head Beam Light Moving Head WS-PH006

Product description:

200W / 230W HD beam head light, is a moving head beam light than conventional 200W / 230W more power can be achieved, the configuration definition condenser lens, which can produce 20 m 59760 Lux brightness of light beam spot without any halo or edge color. It is available in 14 different colors and 17 kinds of design features and also has 6 can change the shape of the hole, make from between 3.8 degrees to 0 degrees beam angle. Its design enables the beam pattern rendering overhead effect, can change the beam shape and create a mid-air beam three-dimensional effect.


Power: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Ballast: Electronic Ballast

Channel mode: 16 kinds of channel mode.

Lamp: Taiwan YODN Platinum 7R bulbs (power: 230W; color temperature up to 8500K; life up to 2000 hours)

Display and time: beautiful red dot-matrix display, four touch switches, can reverse 180 displays recordable time and the lamp bulb usage time.

Color Wheel: A color plate by 14 color slices; with bi-directional rotation; panchromatic; half color and rainbow effect (panchromatic color walk away with half switch between modes)

Gobo: 17 gobos, with bi-directional rotation rainbow effect, and gobo shaking.

Prism: 8 prism plus rotating prism effect.

Dimming: 0-100% mechanical dimmer, strobe and mechanical support can speed stroboscopic effect, support strobe macro function.

Lens: optical lens group highlight triple, electric focus, horizontal beam angle of 0 to 4.

Photoelectric reset system, when after accidental malfunction, can automatically retrieve reset.

Atomization: 0-100% atomized

Horizontal scan: 540, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit

Vertical scan: 270, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit.

Overheating protection.

Power: 230W

IP Protection: IP20

Size: 41 * 36 * 50CM

NW: 17.5KG