2.5 / 3M sandstorm Robot

2.5 / 3M sandstorm Robot

Product description:

Product no .: WS-PY002

Model : WS-PY001

Name: Sandstorm '
Size: about 2.5 / 3 m
Weight: about 500 kg
Materials : iron and steel scrap environmental protection materials
( Support to OEM, variety of styles optional)
This robot with intelligent control systems, computer programming, a variety of actions, edit national language, can be applied a variety of stage lighting effects .
For example : smoke, the pillar of fire, snow, bubbles, lasers, and other functions .

Features : unique personality strong resources and environmental protection drawn low-carbon life inspire creative passion industrial innovation
( Lease or purchase) recommended type of activity reference scenario : real estate sale real estate activities to promote its large-scale exhibition opening celebration popularity steel carving art sculptures mall activities planned large-scale theme park thematic display space currently generally used in a large center of the square, bars and so on.
The machine can also lease use .
Can be customized according to the customer profile and effects systems .