LED Lotus Lantern Led Light WS-PL027

LED Lotus Lantern Led Light WS-PL027

Product description:

Model : WS-PL027

Voltage : AC 120V ~ 240V / 50-60Hz
Source: 4 3 / 12W RGBW LED Four
4 3W white led; can mix a polychromatic light beam; coverage ;
DMX 3 channels: Dimmer / Strobe; color chase; the rotation of the wheel; 0 ~ 100 ° smooth dimming; strobe speed adjustable;
Self- run program comes with presets; even with main and sub machine; sound control mode
DMX address available DMX tester CA-T set

Available Easy Controller CA-8 or CA-9 RTX easily control ;
Software upgrade is available to easily upgrade IU-01

Size : 360 x 326 x 109 mm
Weight : 4.0 kgs