2500W computer follow spot light Following Spotlight WS-PZ002

2500W computer follow spot light Following Spotlight WS-PZ002

Product description:

Technical parameters
Voltage: AC90-120V/220-250V, 50Hz/60HZ
Power consumption: 1500W/3000W
Four control channels

Projection distance: 30 m

7 colors plus white, single, two-color changes, with a rainbow effect, 24 colors.

0-100% mechanical dimming, strobe speed 1-10/s

Built-in electronic Iris diaphragm, 10-100% linear regulation

Color temperature correction: normal 5600K; Raise 6000K; Lower 3200K

DMX512, PMX232/423 receiver

Console: intuitive push rods; Button; Free operation; Control handles can be used for angle adjustment of electromagnetic ballasts

Size: 1170*420*230MM

Net weight: 40KG

All-aluminum alloy coating mix design; Rich looking and beautiful; Good heat dissipation
1:5 color + white/rainbow color effect
2:2 color temperature + mirror + spray mirror white
Aperture adjustment: speed of light size of Visual field needs regulation
Resolution adjustment: adjust the tube lens can be manually adjusted beam definition
Many even machine control: multiple synchronization through DMX512 control
Safety: built-in over heat protection; High voltage protection; Safe and reliable
Applies to the Studio; The stage; Touring; Fashion shows, such as the small scaled place