Multi-angle smoke machine Fog Machine WS-PT006

Multi-angle smoke machine Fog Machine WS-PT006

Product description:

Model : WS-PT006

2000W multifunction multi-angle spray hood, according to applications need to be free to set the direction of smoke, vertically upward, vertically downward or horizontally ejected. Thus, after have this hood, do not need to spend a money to buy learning only a single function on spraying or injection smoke machine, and thanks to the electronic thermostat heating system, when every heating is completed, the user can manipulate the smoke machine can smoke at any time. operation simple, user-friendly design .

Technical Parameters:

Voltage : 110 / 220V-240V 50-60Hz

Power : 1200W / 1500w

Warm-up time : 8 minutes

Smoke oil capacity : 5 liters

Smoke distance: 6 m

Control: remote control; wire; DMX-512 control; timing quantitative control

Package Size : 60 * 26 * 30cm

Weight : 10KG