Lunch / snack / melamine bowl / melamine plate / melamine tableware / melamine melamine tableware / plastic boxes / plastic snack / PP tray / pp boxes / pp snack

Lunch / snack / melamine bowl / melamine plate / melamine tableware / melamine melamine tableware / plastic boxes / plastic snack / PP tray / pp boxes / pp snack

Product description:

Qingdao shiang whole melamine plastic tableware Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of various types Environmental melamine plastic tableware, plastic snack boxes, melamine bowls, plates, cups, plates, trays, plastic trays such as injection molding, melamine melamine melamine products.

The company introduced the imported equipment and production technology have Taiwan, the United States and other international advanced level, the production of high-quality plastic products, in the same industry took the lead through the QS certification of production, in line with national health standards more than US FDA, Europe and Japan JIS, EN.

Domestic network coverage throughout the country, has been with the Shandong Dongyue Group, Qingdao Bureau of Education, Anhui Provincial restaurant, Shandong Provincial restaurant, Commercial Bank of China, Qingdao International Airport, Haitian Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing University, Tongji University, Sichuan University, Tianjin University, Sodexo Food, Yum, Little Sheep hot pot, Lihua fast food, Korean enterprises catering company, Kang dollars catering company canteen and many other organs, the armed forces, medium and large catering companies to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. Nearly 21 provinces and cities more than 100 students, feeding more than one million business and popular use. Our main products include: a variety of melamine bowls, plates, cups, spoons class, fast-food combination series, trays, color products, plastic lunch boxes, trays, plastic seal 30 kinds of soup and a variety of other styles forklift pallet types, trash, turnover box. Products by quality municipal Institute of Technology Supervision, Inspection and testing; the results of its overall compression; high temperature; evaporation residue and other indicators have reached the national standards; and has the following eight advantages:

1; fashionable; cohesion modern diet fashion culture;

2; good insulation; insulation duration is similar plastic tableware 1-3 times;

3; lightweight hard body; anti-collision force and pressure resistance is 2-5 times of similar plastic tableware; melamine plastic tableware beautiful and durable; bright color; finish; against strong; toxic and tasteless; particularly suitable for all types of leisure food court; fast-food chain; enterprises restaurant; hotels; college canteen; troops canteen; catering company; advertising gifts, and other use 4, easy to clean, that regardless of the kind of washing method as long as a little rag to wipe a few, namely food residues, dirt, grease a net; the use of washing, disinfection and drying machine is excellent.

5; easy disinfection; can be high temperature 120 ℃; low temperature -20 ℃; therefore suitable for boiling; steam; ultraviolet; ozone disinfection methods such as any;

6; easy to transport; tableware designed a special non-slip stacking function; so very secure shipping containers;

7; ease of management; the design of a variety of shaped hole; color; pattern style; businesses and schools are very easy to use, and standardize management;

8, durable save money, every meal can be reused 1000 times, that is, each used once only costs about 1 cent. In the 'quality first; customer first' principle; sincerely welcomes foreign businessmen to come to discuss the order!

Supply all kinds of melamine, environmental nutrition PP ruled snack, snack trays, Qingdao, Linyi, Zibo, Dongying, Jinan, Jining, Heze, Rizhao, Weihai, Yantai, Weifang, Zaozhuang, Tai'an, Beijing, Dalian, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Xian, Inner Mongolia, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang, Chongqing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Harbin, Changchun, and other major provinces and cities nationwide are sold.

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