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Lectra love paint the top ten brands free agent

Lectra love paint the top ten brands free agent
  • Lectra love paint the top ten brands free agent
  • Lectra love paint the top ten brands free agent
  • Lectra love paint the top ten brands free agent
  • Lectra love paint the top ten brands free agent
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Unit price: 9 CNY  (1.31 USD)
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Minimum order: 10
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Love Lectra is the world leader in large-scale chemical coatings company extend the brand in the Asia Pacific region, the company signed by the German chemical industry's global marketing Lectra love the experience, developed a marketing strategy in line with China's national conditions, the full implementation of branding and reflect store monopoly system, and supporting the building consultancy services center, build a complete marketing network and service system, to achieve the perfect combination of enterprises, distributors, image store.
With the introduction of a series of domestic real estate policy, rising raw materials, rising transportation costs, rising prices paint, how to make consumers enjoy the benefits, dealer's profit margin is guaranteed, the product better sales to end customers hands, love Lectra paint daily pursuit of the goal.

Quality control, cost
Lectra love all more multinational chemical and raw material suppliers to establish a long-term friendly and cooperative partnership, to provide strong technical guarantee for our product quality, it has a safe and healthy, durable, energy-fouling, low carbon and environmental protection. More so product costs under control and ensure the lowest possible price to provide consumers with high-quality environmentally friendly products. surprise in the market competition.

Marketing model innovation
Lectra love with the world's chemical industry marketing experience, combined with China's market, to develop a series of marketing model, based on each agent's strength and market, local conditions, planning guidance, so that products can quickly open the market, to be recognized, thereby greatly enhancing agent Suppliers their own values, at the same time, the introduction of appropriate incentives to make agents more big hands to play their own special energy.

Brand, promotion
Love Lectra chemical to low-carbon green, green living philosophy, in the brand promotion, under the foot, we signed a partnership with major Internet platform company. To make the brand more in-depth people's lives, and cooperation with CCTV powerful media, greatly improving Love Lectra brand awareness, to sales agents, to create a robust platform.
Love Lectra Chemical positive to a stable, healthy pace, become a bright pearl paint industry to continue to innovate and enhance the brand image, love Lectra paint brilliant achievements.

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