(Factory direct) titanium necklace, silicone titanium necklace, titanium necklace radiation | radiation Necklace

(Factory direct) titanium necklace, silicone titanium necklace, titanium necklace radiation | radiation Necklace

Product description:

Brand: Moritomi Category: Necklace Material: silicone
Modeling: Ring Style: Korean / Korean / Korean models Style: Unisex
Treatment: Epoxy, printing Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotions; celebration; the welfare office; business, public relations; thank customers; opening ceremony; festivals; wedding; birthday; housewarming; graduate studies; foreign affairs; religious supplies; other Gift object: send parents / elders; send their children / baby; to send his girlfriend / wife; send her boyfriend / husband; send to friends; send colleagues; send customers; send leaders; send students; send teacher; send a foreigner; send his brother / younger brother; send sister / sister; other
Whether to provide custom processing: Yes
product name: Radiation silicone titanium necklace / Silicone necklace, anion Silicone necklace; energy bracelet; POWER necklace
Materials: Silicone + Nano titanium + negative ions
package: Set according to customer demand
trademark: OEM (Customers can be customized)
size: Set according to customer demand
cooperation method: Proofing and production and processing; different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements; colors; thickness; grades; packaging; material, etc.
product description:

Personal accessories; business group activities supplies; advertising divisions promotional gifts; promotional materials

Features: Nice; excellent three-dimensional; bright color

Factory direct shipping; inexpensive; good quality; fast shipping

Products can be printed corporate logo or advertising content; according to their own requirements and design styles; to OEM; product ads where it goes where it goes; enterprise choose gifts; business communication such as the best choice; Enterprise Option for this product gifts or product promotion or event publicity; conference souvenir; opening ceremony will give the company and so bring windfall

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Our products can meet environmental standards by: SGS; EN-71 testing; cadmium and non Phthaldialdehyde potassium permanganate environmental testing

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We Dongguan Moritomi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has a high level of technology, advanced equipment and excellent printing Epoxy production talent, able to produce various products, from design, from the version, so cargo consignments through-train service to and from to meet a variety of different stages of the customer's requirements. ensure the quality of goods, so you have no worries. We have been on 'professional dedication, devotion' enthusiasm for the work with you to explore the road ahead, and constantly self-improvement in the development, self-improvement!

Our services: Customer expectations and needs is our pursuit of superb technology and high quality service to return the trust of our customers to establish a good quality management system, quality, quantity, and timely completion of customer delivery. task, adhere to the 'quality of survival, to seek cost-effective,' the purpose, adhere to the credibility, the user first. with a new idea, the maximum Rangli policies, sincere cooperation with friends, go hand in hand for a better future.

I plant in the principle of good faith, and hope to have co-development of the enterprise and hard work, along with prospects better tomorrow.

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