Silicone PVC frames (xk001)

Silicone PVC frames (xk001)

Product description:


(product description)
1, Product Name: Photo Frame
2, Material: PVC soft or silicone
3, Advantages: Low material cost, can do a lot with this material exquisite patterns.
4, use: to put the photos.
5, and can do different logo, a variety of processes, it is a kind of highly practical and advertising promotional excellent product.
6, the product can be long-term repeated use, dirty you can use detergent and water to clean.

(Product Features)
Products can be printed corporate logo or advertising content, according to their own requirements and design style, to OEM, product ads where it goes where it goes, is the enterprise choice gifts, business communication such as the best choice; Enterprise Option for this product gifts or product promotion or publicity exhibition, conference souvenir, the opening ceremony, etc. must give the company windfall.
1, the product can not be cut with knives.
2, the materials are flammable, non-baking temperature for a long time.
3, Please be cleaned with a mild detergent when cleaning.
1, the product 1PCS / OPP bags, each containing no more than 25KG.
2, For added color card paper card, please notice to the accounting unit price can also provide their own, on behalf of our free packaging.
3; Specific packaging according to customer requirement; special packaging and packaging costs need to charge material

package: Single OPP
model: xk001
specification: To samples
Yield: 100000
trademark: Moritomi plastic gift