Non-slip mat

Non-slip mat

Product description:


1, mobile phone anti-slip mats: Often also called car mat, non-slip mats.
2, Material: PVC soft or silicone
3. Advantages: The product has a strong anti-skid adhesive, heat resistance, cold, abrasion, aging, easy to wear, non-toxic and tasteless.
You can also use advertising promotions.
4, use: the car dashboard, mobile phones and other small items to prevent slipping.
5, and can do different logo, a variety of processes, it is a kind of highly practical and advertising promotional excellent product.
6, the product can be long-term repeated use, dirty you can use detergent and water to clean.

(Product Features)
Products can be printed corporate logo or advertising content, according to their own requirements and design style, to OEM, product ads where it goes where it goes, is the enterprise choice gifts, business communication such as the best choice; Enterprise Option for this product gifts or product promotion or publicity exhibition, conference souvenir, the opening ceremony, etc. must give the company windfall.
1, the product can not be cut with knives.
2, the materials are flammable, non-baking temperature for a long time.
3, Please be cleaned with a mild detergent when cleaning.

1, the product 1PCS / OPP bags, each containing no more than 25KG.
2, For added color card paper card, please notice to the accounting unit price can also provide their own, on behalf of our free packaging.
3. Specific packaging according to customer requirements, special packaging and packaging costs need to charge the cost of materials.

I, on the order
1, Want Want, QQ, skype online negotiations, telephone contact, send your request be informed.
2, Please send your design artwork sent to my chat tools or E-mail, provide a complete CMYK format artwork, artwork document format CDR, ai, pdf. Resolution of no less than 300dpi, text converted to curves
3, also provide material to us, we give you the design drawing.
Second, please contact before buying
Our company is specialized in the production of silicone and soft PVC promotional gifts class; so you go first before buying I made matters under negotiation; shops are issued only reference to supply information; please understand!

Third, on the price issue
1. Our all goods are reference price, commodity price problems need to negotiate with the busy main principle we abide large favorably of.
(A lot of concessions)
2, Proofing: General dot product; PVC300 yuan / section; proofing time three days around the big point products 1000-2000 yuan / section (According to the product color;; silicone 500 yuan / section dimensions; LOGO complexity; the system make the process may be)
3, Price Tips: All customers have different shapes, sizes, LOGO, function, material, color, requirements - which shape, size LOGO, function, material, color, Plenary affect price, is our ultimate?? ?? shape, size LOGO, function, material, color calculated day production, and then fix the most accurate Price .- (color, more functions, the larger the size, LOGO more complex the more expensive.) - less color, size The smaller, LOGO more simple on the cheap price because of the specific products of different (graphical complexity; product size; order quantity of products), while slightly different, please contact us!

Fourth, on delivery
We will be the first time for your shipment after your payment, according to the buyer's payment arrangements to issue the order.
We all have someone packaged delivery strict quality inspection of goods, please rest assured purchase.
Five, delivery channels
Logistics companies, courier, shipping, air transport.
Six, on charge sign for the package
Be sure to sign in front of the transport plane when staff opened the package there is no damage inspection of goods, check the number is correct, shall be refused if there are problems, or have certain problems surface when the courier to contact us after the signing, workers leave After the problem occurs, the buyer, in order to have a pleasant transaction, be sure to perform! Thank you! Once the sign is deemed to have been approved for commodities.

Seven, product quality identification method
1; a good product with bright colors and uniform; And no matter how complex patterns; has multiple color synthetic multiple
As tiny eyes; details such as parts of the text; blurred a bit of color or will not happen;
2, look at the four sides, a good product does not appear feather four sides, and smooth, clean and tidy.
3; see product thickness; good product feel very thick; smooth and layered; concavity; like a three dimensional
Effects can also be very realistic performance; This is the need of professional production line can produce only produced; General
Small plant is not up to this effect.

package: Single OPP
model: fhd001
specification: Customer requirements
trademark: Moritomi plastic gift